Supporting OpenWrt

  • Donations of money
  • Donations of hardware and services
  • R&D collaboration

OpenWrt is the name of the project, and it is further known as, or called; In order to be able to accept and handle money donations OpenWrt has become a member of an existing non-profit corporation, Software in the Public Interest, or in short SPI.

OpenWrt is created by volunteers throughout the world, there has been, and are, substantial expenses which have been paid for by the OpenWrt developers themselves. These expenses include maintaining and running the project infrastructure, registring the domain, unreimbursed expenses for development equipment, travel and lodging for meeting and conferences etc.

OpenWrt has to date recieved both support and hardware donations from appreciative users. All kinds of donations are welcome, but it is the hope of OpenWrt that any businesses that make money through OpenWrt (for embedded solutions/devices, support companies, as development environment, or even businesses that rely on OpenWrt for everyday operations) will contribute a percentage of their profit to help make OpenWrt the best embedded OS it can be.

Donation of money

If you, as company, organization or individual, would like to make a monetary donation to OpenWrt, see the SPI donations page, or go directly to the Click&Pledge page. Make sure to specify that the money is intended for OpenWrt. Since SPI is a non-profit organization we can issue receipts for tax purposes.

For some parts of the world it may be easier to make the donation to the partner organizations of Software in the Public Interest (check the SPI donation page for current information):

You can also support us with small donations via flattr - e.g. by clicking here:

Donation of hardware and services

Given the small budget OpenWrt runs on it is not possible for OpenWrt to purchase and maintain the needed infrastructure and network connections, nor buy the constantly released embedded devices required for development and porting. We therefore rely on the donation of equipment and services from companies, organizations and individuals to keep OpenWrt on the edge of development.

OpenWrt maintains a list of hardware that is wanted for various porting targets and/or groups within the project.

R&D collaboration

Should you be a company or organization interested in collaborating with OpenWrt on a common research and development project (R&D), for the benifit of combined interests, then please contact OpenWrt directly through one of the mentioned addresses.

How to contact

If your, as individual, organization or company, has any idle devices, spare hardware or reference boards lying around, please consider donating them to OpenWrt. Please contact OpenWrt directly for hardware or service donations, as well as with requests for contact, through one of the listed addresses:

  • Send an email to the internal developer mailing-list: openwrt-hackers [at] openwrt [dot] org
  • Send a direct email to the OpenWrt relationship manager: glp [at] openwrt [dot] org

Donations recieved

The following are lists of individuals, organizations or companies that have made donations of money, hardware devices or services to OpenWrt, since after OpenWrt has become a member of SPI:

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