OpenWrt project information

OpenWrt did in the spring of 2009 become an associated project under the umbrella of Software in the Public Interest.

OpenWrt joined SPI for two main reasons. First, OpenWrt had reached a state in its development which required organizational changes. Second, the OpenWrt project recognized the longterm benefits in joining into partnership with other projects with similar interests. After having explored the different paths leading to the organizational creation of a non-profit entity, it was decided to join hands with Software in the Public interest (SPI). SPI stands out as a well established and resilient umbrella organization, offering the services and support OpenWrt needs and requires to meet future development goals. Additionally, SPI represents a strong set of existing members, such as Debian, PostgreSQL, OpenOffice and MadWifi, and OpenWrt recognizes the potential in joining into partnership with these projects.

The following developers have been appointed as liaisons to SPI:

  • Main liaison: Gregers Petersen (glp)
  • Backup liaison: Andy Boyett (Bartman007)

Gregers Petersen (glp[at]openwrt [dot] org) will act as main liaison and Andy Boyett (agb [at] openwrt [dot] org) will act as backup liaison with SPI and FFIS (liaison for short). It is the intention to ensure that OpenWrt always has a representative attending SPI meetings and that more than one point of contact between and SPI/FFIS exists. Both liaisons (Gregers Petersen and Andy Boyett) are authorized by the OpenWrt developer group to fulfill the tasks outlined by SPIs Associated Project HowTo, section "Your Project Liaison". This authorization is valid for transactions with SPI and FFIS. It is the role of the liaisons to ensure that the content of SPI meeting agenda's are communicated to the OpenWrt developer group, and that relevant topics have been discussed and that the OpenWrt developer group have decided how the liaison(s) is/are to act on behalf of the project.

Should you, as an individual, organization or company, be interested in supporting the continued progress of OpenWrt with a donation or offer of services then please visit one of the listed links:

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