OpenWrt Governing rules

(Draft dated: 30th of April 2009)

  1. The project is based on a direct democratic model, with a

decision-making model based on consensus. The below described voting rules are only seen as a way out of persistent disagreements. A vote can only be effected if no less than two (2) members of the OpenWrt developer group requests that a vote is needed. meetings are public and will take place on IRC #openwrt-devel (on freenode) on a bi-monthly basis. Should an extra meeting be required this has to be announced 72 hours in advance on the OpenWrt-devel mailing-list. All meetings and meeting-agenda has to be announced by one of the individuals who at any time are identified as being to SPI/FFIS liaisons.

  1. The OpenWrt developer group may decide to replace one or both of the

liaisons with another member of the OpenWrt developer group if there is agreement within the group to do so. If there is a need to cast a vote the following rule applies: The new liaison(s) will be the person(s) who in a vote have received more than 50% of all votes cast (simple majority). It is the responsibility of the OpenWrt project to inform SPI and FFIS about such changes. See further point 5 in regard to voting procedures.

  1. All decisions regarding the use of assets managed by SPI or FFIS on

behalf of the OpenWrt project (such as donated funds) need to be authorized by an affirmative agreement by the members of the OpenWrt developer group. If there is a need to cast a vote the following rules applies: An affirmative vote of 66% of all OpenWrt developer group members who cast their vote is needed to authorise the use of assets managed by SPI or FFIS. See also 5.

  1. The authoritative list of OpenWrt developer group members who hold

the right to vote is available at people. The two liasons shall be responsible for maintaining the list of OpenWrt developers group members. All members of this list are eligible voters. Each member has exactly one vote. Voting shall take place on the publicly accessible mailing-list: OpenWrt-Devel. All votes from individual OpenWrt developer group members shall be signed by their personal and previously disclosed PGP signature, as means of ensuring the authenticity of such vote. Only votes appearing on the OpenWrt-Devel mailing-list will be considered, and such votes within a predefined timeframe (12 or 24 hours), which timeframe shall be defined prior to the poll.

  1. The OpenWrt developer group should decide on a date none later than 4

months after joining SPI/FFIS for the issuing of a final set of governing rules and charter. At that point this current set of governing rules/charter will be replaced by the regular set of governing rules/charter the OpenWrt developer group has agreed on.

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