22:03 Ticket #3975 (opkg should not remove modified configuration files on package removal) created by KanjiMonster
When removing a package with opkg, all files including all configuration …
22:00 Changeset [12555] by lars
Fix libwnck install.
19:16 Ticket #3974 (au1000: gpio direction (fixed)) created by br1@…
when setting the output direction of one GPIO pin we have to keep the …
18:23 Ticket #3956 (Compilation fails at tools/autoconf) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in r12554
17:59 Changeset [12554] by nbd
fix autoconf compilation (#3956)
14:42 Changeset [12553] by nbd
add new olsrd init script and default config by Alina Friedrichsen
14:39 Changeset [12552] by juhosg
[tools] firmware-utils/mkmylofw: WP543 support
13:33 Changeset [12551] by nbd
target features: fix usb support detection
12:45 Ticket #3962 (firewall does not accept portranges anymore) closed by cyrus
12:10 Changeset [12550] by cyrus
Remove definition of collectd-mod-rrdtool as it clashes with …
12:09 Changeset [12549] by cyrus
Updated collectd to 4.4.3
11:30 Changeset [12548] by blogic
fixes script that mounts usd storage when it gets attached


22:07 Changeset [12547] by cyrus
dnsmasq: Use a more intelligent way of parsing dhcp-options using the new …
18:00 Ticket #3973 ([PATCH] radvd does not define its configuration files) created by KanjiMonster
radvd's Makefile is missing the Package/*/conffiles section which results …
17:58 Ticket #3972 ([PATCH] aiccu does not define its configuration files) created by KanjiMonster
Aiccu's Makefile is missing the Package/*/conffiles section which results …
17:56 Ticket #3971 ([PATCH] ddns-scripts does not define its configuration files) created by KanjiMonster
Ddns-scripts' Makefile is missing the Package/*/conffiles section which …
17:22 Changeset [12546] by nbd
restore the /tmp/resolv.conf symlink when stopping dnsmasq
15:59 Ticket #3970 (New uci firewall does not implement proper behaviour) created by thomas@…
For many years now, vendors of home routers and popular operating systems …
15:28 Changeset [12545] by juhosg
[ar71xx] build more image types
11:47 Changeset [12544] by juhosg
[ar71xx] add gpio-buttons devices
11:28 Ticket #3969 (Openntpd connects to too many servers) created by quentin@…
The configuration file (ntpd.conf) specifies: servers …
10:59 Changeset [12543] by juhosg
[ar71xx] simplify leds-gpio device registration
07:46 Ticket #3949 (compiling errors on latest build) closed by juhosg
invalid: Was caused by a broken kernel config, as we've discussed it on IRC.


23:33 Ticket #3968 (USB automount still broken) created by anonymous
USB automount is still broken after last try to fix it. […]
19:55 Changeset [12542] by cyrus
feeds: Switched to LuCI stable branch
15:32 Ticket #3967 (Special character at static route name) created by strzol@…
Static route with name "config route baskin-temp" causes network not to …
15:04 Ticket #3966 (Wrong handling of httpd config when several instances) created by exovii
Hi, It seems that /etc/init.d/httpd cannot handle several instanes of …
13:54 Ticket #3965 (ddns-scripts missing executable flag in /ect/ppp/ip-up.d/) created by KanjiMonster
/etc/ip-up explicitly checks that all scripts in /etc/ip-up.d/ have the …
12:42 Ticket #2852 (samba could not work) closed by florian
fixed: Should be fixed with the samba3 version.
10:54 Ticket #3964 (kernel modules get not build) created by michu-at-neophob-com
platform: bcm47xx, 2.6 Kernel svn r12539, error: those packages get's …
09:48 Ticket #3943 (Infineon EASY 5120P-ATA Reference Board Kernal load problem) closed by juhosg
01:28 Ticket #3958 (madwifi - ath_pci: cannot reserve PCI memory region (Using the openwrt ...) closed by nbd
fixed: EABI HAL selection fixed in r12540, missing include patch added in r12541
01:27 Changeset [12541] by nbd
madwifi: add missing include file for the tools multicall binary
01:27 Changeset [12540] by nbd
madwifi: select the right hal binary for EABI on ARM


20:22 Changeset [12539] by nbd
only start ntpd from hotplug
20:16 Ticket #3027 (openntpd hotplug script fails to run ntpd) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in r12538
20:15 Changeset [12538] by nbd
fix openntpd hotplug script (based on patch from #3027)
17:13 Changeset [12537] by lars
explicitly disable gtk tests.
13:11 Ticket #3963 (Firewall creates wrong rules with ppp) created by KanjiMonster
When booting the router or reloading the firewall, I always have to do a …
08:52 Changeset [12536] by juhosg
[kernel] 2.6.26: fix build error caused by the gpio sysfs stuff
01:46 Changeset [12535] by nbd
upgrade to uci 0.6.2 (bugfixes)
01:13 Changeset [12534] by lars
Add libXtst.
00:36 Changeset [12533] by lars
Fix python dbus install.


23:05 Ticket #3961 (curl fails to build) closed by lars
fixed: Fixed in r12532
23:04 Changeset [12532] by lars
Fix curl build. Fixes #3961
18:32 Changeset [12531] by lars
Update pycairo to 1.6.4 and makefile cleanup.
17:55 Changeset [12530] by lars
Update dbus-python to 0.83.0 and makefile cleanup.
17:24 Changeset [12529] by juhosg
[kernel] 2.6.26: fix gpio sysfs patch, forgot to refresh it
15:39 Changeset [12528] by juhosg
[ar71xx] register gpio-leds on the WP543 board
15:36 Changeset [12527] by juhosg
[ar71xx] enable gpio sysfs support
15:34 Changeset [12526] by juhosg
[kernel] 2.6.26: backport gpio sysfs support form 2.6.27-rcX
14:37 Changeset [12525] by lars
Add a subpack gtk2-cups to gtk2 which can be used to install the cups …
13:31 Changeset [12524] by lars
Install cups-config to staging_dir/$target/host/bin.
13:19 Ticket #3750 ([Packages]: XOrg/lib/gtk2 does not compile) closed by lars


23:59 Changeset [12523] by lars
More X package dependecy fixes.
23:43 Ticket #3962 (firewall does not accept portranges anymore) created by KanjiMonster
If i setup a firewall redirect with a port range, I get an error (and …
22:55 Changeset [12522] by lars
Fix dependencies for a lot of xorg packages.
22:50 Ticket #3961 (curl fails to build) created by michu-at-neophob-com
platform: bcm47xx, 2.6 Kernel svn r12519, error: […]
21:46 Changeset [12521] by juhosg
[ar71xx] enable USB support, and sync kernel config
21:37 Changeset [12520] by juhosg
[ar71xx] make use the USB controller on the WP543 board
21:09 juhosg edited by juhosg
20:02 Changeset [12519] by juhosg
[ar71xx] fix platform device ids of the USB controllers
19:11 Changeset [12518] by juhosg
[ar71xx] fix EHCI driver
17:23 Changeset [12517] by juhosg
[ar71xx] fix phy id on the WP543 board
16:14 Changeset [12516] by florian
Reduce portmap priority, so that nfs shares specified in fstab can be …
15:42 Changeset [12515] by nbd
fix ccache installation (#3942)
15:25 Changeset [12514] by nbd
fix shell return status of the find symlink command
15:21 Changeset [12513] by nbd
clean up some packages
15:19 Changeset [12512] by nbd
add default Build/Install template, which is activated by setting …
15:19 Changeset [12511] by nbd
change the an openssl sed command to be safe for -Wl,-rpath-link in …
15:18 Changeset [12510] by nbd
add -rpath-link to TARGET_LDFLAGS by default
15:13 Ticket #3960 (Command 'set ssid' failed: -1) created by anonymous
Router WRT54GL v1.1 Openwrt kamikadze SVN r12377
12:59 Ticket #3959 (radvd fails to enable forwarding for ipv6) created by KanjiMonster
The radvd init-script fails to enable forwarding for ipv6. The code …
12:55 Changeset [12509] by nbd
fix nfs-utils compile
12:27 Changeset [12508] by nbd
fix recursive symlink issue
12:01 Ticket #3958 (madwifi - ath_pci: cannot reserve PCI memory region (Using the openwrt ...) created by h3sp4wn
ipt_time loading wlan: trunk ath_hal: 2008-08-15 (AR5210, AR5211, AR5212, …
01:20 Changeset [12507] by lars
Add missing dependencies for libXmu.


23:32 Ticket #3096 (mtr broken on snapshot #10290) closed by nico
20:51 Changeset [12506] by nbd
fix compile of libmatchbox and possibly other packages by fixing up the …
19:59 Changeset [12505] by nbd
fix various bugs in the hippo-canvas makefile
19:53 Ticket #3957 (enabling wifi on wp54 crashes the ap on build 12486) created by normunds
Hi enabling the wifi crashes the ap on wp54g build 12486. After enabling …
19:29 Changeset [12504] by nbd
fix librsvg compile
17:50 Changeset [12503] by nbd
make sure that when the kernel config changes, compile is triggered for …
17:48 Changeset [12502] by nbd
fix ./scripts/env for newer git versions
15:36 Changeset [12501] by nbd
remove 0-byte files
15:18 Ticket #3297 (Ethernet broken on NSLU2 - ARM) closed by nbd
fixed: the bitops bug which led to wrong dhcp range calculation is fixed in …
15:17 Ticket #3184 (forwarding in /etc/firewall.config dont work) closed by nbd
worksforme: please use the new uci firewall
15:16 Ticket #2293 (wifi0: rx FIFO overrun; resetting) closed by nbd
fixed: reported to be fixed with the new hal
15:15 Ticket #2866 (Bind: on x86 target, named is linked against host libnsl library) closed by nbd
worksforme: can't reproduce with current
14:49 Ticket #3956 (Compilation fails at tools/autoconf) created by tomwoelfel@…
Dear Sirs, since two days the compilation process of openwrt stops with: …
14:05 Ticket #3398 (wireless-tools : iwspy causes Kernel Oops on 2.4.34 brcm) closed by nbd
fixed: this bug is no longer present with the 4.150.* driver
13:47 Changeset [12500] by nbd
nuke ipkg, now that we use opkg, we don't need it anymore
13:37 Ticket #3507 (ethernet doesn't work on fonera+) closed by nbd
worksforme: bug timeout, works for me
13:29 Ticket #3803 (USB2.0 initialization for bcm5354 and 2.4.x kernel) closed by kaloz
fixed: Thanks, commited in [12499].
13:28 Changeset [12499] by kaloz
final fix for BCM5354 USB cores, hopefully
13:28 Changeset [12498] by nbd
remove ipkg from busybox
13:18 Changeset [12497] by nbd
remove awx from busybox, refresh patches
13:16 Changeset [12496] by nbd
BusyBox httpd Accept Header Patch With this patch the BusyBox httpd pass …
12:59 Ticket #3944 (quilt build fails on MacOS X) closed by nbd
fixed: md5sum added in r12495, prereq check for getopt added in r12491
12:58 Changeset [12495] by nbd
provide a md5sum wrapper for BSDish systems
12:57 Changeset [12494] by nbd
get rid of a shell warning if md5sum is not found
12:57 Changeset [12493] by nbd
clean up md5s() shell function
12:57 Changeset [12492] by nbd
disable autorebuild for the toolchain, as it can easily lead to build …
12:57 Changeset [12491] by nbd
add prereq check for extended getopt (#3944)
12:56 Changeset [12490] by nbd
quilt depends on sed
11:46 Ticket #3952 (madwifi 0.9.4 does not compile for 47xx) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in r12488
11:45 Changeset [12489] by nbd
madwifi upstream does not work on wisoc
11:44 Changeset [12488] by nbd
fix madwifi upstream compile for mips (#3952)
11:26 Ticket #3745 (kmod-video-uvc is not selectable) closed by nico
09:31 Changeset [12487] by agb
[packages] XOrg/libs/hippo-canvas: don't build/include in images by …
05:27 Ticket #3585 (Update libart package to 2.3.20) closed by lars
04:25 Changeset [12486] by lars
Fix libart build.
03:39 Ticket #3910 (Networks problems with Broadcom BCM5352) closed by thepeople
03:37 Changeset [12485] by thepeople
add option to cache local queries, from sn9
02:49 Changeset [12484] by lars
Add vte package.
02:44 Changeset [12483] by lars
Add hippo-canvas package.
02:23 Changeset [12482] by lars
Fix enabling of init scripts.
02:15 Changeset [12481] by lars
Update libart to 2.3.20 and some package cleanups.
02:12 Changeset [12480] by lars
Update wnck to 2.22.3 and some package cleanups.
02:09 Changeset [12479] by lars
Add librsvg svg rendering library package.
02:08 Changeset [12478] by lars
Add libcroco css parsing library package
02:08 Changeset [12477] by lars
Fix glib2 build and increase package version number.
01:29 Changeset [12476] by lars
Update gtk to 2.12.11 and add init script which calls …
01:24 Changeset [12475] by lars
Update atk to 1.22.0.
01:23 Changeset [12474] by lars
Update pango to 1.20.5 and add init script which calls pango-querymodules …
01:21 Changeset [12473] by lars
Fix cairo InstallDev and some package cleanups.
01:18 Changeset [12472] by lars
Update pixman to 0.11.8 and some package cleanups
00:15 Changeset [12471] by lars
Update glib2 to 2.16.5 and some package cleanups.


23:59 Changeset [12470] by lars
Update XOrg to 7.3 the second
23:46 Changeset [12469] by lars
Add @GNOME download source.
23:31 Changeset [12468] by lars
Update XOrg packages to 7.3
21:29 Changeset [12467] by florian
Treat vlynq external divisor just like automatic, fix comment about it, …
20:35 Changeset [12466] by nbd
add TARGET_CXX variable which points to the c++ cross compiler
19:42 Changeset [12465] by blogic
fixes usb storage mounting
19:26 Ticket #3955 (http authentication) created by bart.swinnen@…
About ticket #3948: Authentication is not yet working as before. When no …
16:45 Changeset [12464] by nico
Well, another round fixing dependencies on kmod-video-core -- this is the …
16:41 Changeset [12463] by nbd
make openwrt boot on ar9130 (currently no ethernet yet)
16:18 Changeset [12462] by nico
Change even more dependencies on kmod-video-core after [12460]
16:11 Changeset [12461] by nico
Changes dependencies on others video modules after [12460] to remain …
15:33 Changeset [12460] by nbd
select kmod-video-core in linux-uvc instead of depending on it
15:23 Changeset [12459] by nico
Move I2C_PCA Kconfig item to generic-2.6
15:21 Changeset [12458] by nico
Fix AT91 MMC host controller path on 2.6.25
14:09 Changeset [12457] by nbd
allow dund to grab ppp options gathered from the network scripts
14:08 Changeset [12456] by nbd
fix getext libtool fsckups
13:51 Changeset [12455] by florian
Use a newer acx firmware
13:49 Changeset [12454] by florian
Fix divisor calculation and configuration from previous commit, thanks sn9
13:04 Changeset [12453] by nbd
add a gzipped uImage for ar71xx
13:03 Changeset [12452] by nbd
add an extra build step Build/Install which allows you to run a make …
13:03 Changeset [12451] by nbd
install a symlink to the correct version of find in …
13:03 Changeset [12450] by nbd
madwifi: fix compile warning
13:03 Changeset [12449] by nbd
improve wds sta mode compatibility
11:41 Ticket #2226 (req. new package for Mercurial SCM) closed by florian
duplicate: Duplicate of #3947
07:47 Ticket #3954 (selecting ImageBuilder selects all packages) closed by nico
worksforme: Replying to Bob Keyes: > ... selecting ImageBuilder in 'make …
07:27 Ticket #3954 (selecting ImageBuilder selects all packages) created by Bob Keyes
For architecture IXP425, selecting ImageBuilder in 'make menuconfig' …
00:45 Ticket #3953 (Watchdog not rebooting on some Atheros SOC systems.) created by cr
Patched the AR5315 watchdog driver to call emergency_restart() to avoid …
00:13 Ticket #3892 (luci_statistics disk plugin should chop() whitespace) closed by cyrus
fixed: https://dev.leipzig.freifunk.net/trac/changeset/3034


23:27 Changeset [12448] by nico
Make ide-core depend on pci support, remove dupe Kconfig item
21:32 Ticket #3912 ([Patch] Support for newer Sierra UMTS cards) closed by nico
fixed: Applied in [12447], thanks!
21:31 Changeset [12447] by nico
Backport new Sierra Wireless USB IDs from 2.6.27 to .25 & .26 (closes: …
13:36 Changeset [12446] by florian
Build images for the AG310, thanks sn9
13:35 Changeset [12445] by florian
Correctly set b/g rate tables for mac80211, thanks sn9
13:33 Changeset [12444] by florian
Sync ar7 default network configuration with latest firewall and network …
13:32 Changeset [12443] by florian
Fix divisor settings for external devices like wireless devices, thanks …
12:09 Ticket #3952 (madwifi 0.9.4 does not compile for 47xx) created by KanjiMonster
Madwifi 0.9.4 does not compile with revision 12442: Buildlog: […]
00:10 Changeset [12442] by rwhitby
bluez-utils: sdpd is no longer a separate daemon.
00:08 Ticket #3166 (wireless dies: "kernel: NETDEV WATCHDOG: wifi0: transmit timed out") closed by nbd


23:20 Changeset [12441] by rwhitby
bluez-utils: Fix dbus conf filename.
23:15 Ticket #3920 (DEPENDS parameter should be used during "install" too) closed by nbd
wontfix: packages must not overwrite each other's files, because this always leads …
23:10 Ticket #2639 (Poor wireless preformance following 7.09 update) closed by nbd
22:59 Changeset [12440] by rwhitby
bluez-utils: Disable glib, and restore the dbus bluetooth configuration …
18:22 Ticket #3951 (lates svn cron not working) created by haes
svn build with BCM947xx/953xx 2.6 BCM43xx wifi I get this error when …
14:25 Changeset [12439] by florian
Update acx-mac80211 to a more recent snapshot, thanks sn9
14:25 Changeset [12438] by florian
Build images for WAG54GP2v1 and v2, thanks sn9
14:24 Changeset [12437] by florian
Add 2.6.26 kernel configuration file
14:23 Changeset [12436] by florian
Switch ar7 to 2.6.26, thanks sn9
11:59 Changeset [12435] by nbd
fix madwifi hal target for mips*


22:56 Ticket #3950 (Wifidog fails with kernel created by jch@…
The attached patch is needed in order to get wifidog to work with very …
19:02 Changeset [12434] by nbd
leave libtool m4 files in both $(STAGING_DIR)/host and $(STAGING_DIR_HOST)
15:02 Ticket #3229 (Add hg (Mercurial) checkout support to include/download.mk) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [12433], thanks !
15:02 Changeset [12433] by florian
this adds hg (Mercurial) SCM checkout support, very similar to the current …
14:47 Ticket #3930 ([package] Update linux-uvc and mjpg-streamer to latest revision) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [12431] and [12432], thanks !
14:45 Changeset [12432] by florian
Upgrade linux-uvc to revision 244 (#3930)
14:44 Changeset [12431] by florian
Update mjpg-streamer to revision 68 (#3930)
14:04 Ticket #3840 (privoxy has worng config ....) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [12430].
14:04 Changeset [12430] by florian
Fix path to privoxy actions files (#3840)
14:02 Ticket #3948 (busybox http authentication) closed by florian
11:59 Changeset [12429] by nbd
Integrate new HAL release (by OpenWrt, DD-WRT, MakSat Technologies)
11:12 Ticket #3949 (compiling errors on latest build) created by normunds
Platform is wp54, build latest from the trunk. This is the error i get …
09:05 Ticket #3948 (busybox http authentication) created by bart.swinnen@…
The Busybox patch from r12422 does the authentication again, but when no …
05:38 Ticket #3929 (Authentication not working for busybox httpd) closed by thepeople
03:07 Changeset [12428] by nbd
revert accidental change to madwifi.sh


18:48 Ticket #3012 (dnsmasq failed to assign IP range) closed by agb
fixed: busybox awk patched in [12427], issue resolved
18:47 Ticket #3907 (Update anyremote package to 4.7.1) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [12426], thanks !
18:46 Ticket #3946 (Signedness issue with ip2int/int2ip on IXP4xx, breaking DHCP) closed by agb
fixed: Committed in [12427], thanks.
18:40 Changeset [12427] by agb
[busybox] Use unsigned longs for bitwise operations in awk, thanks benoar. …
18:38 Changeset [12426] by florian
Upgrade anyremot to 4.7.1 (#3907)
18:37 Ticket #3751 (ipcalc.sh returns wrong values on ixp4xx) closed by agb
duplicate: Dupe of #3012
17:40 Ticket #3941 (ISC dhcpd init script) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [12425]
17:38 Changeset [12425] by florian
Fix dhcp initscript logic to handle failures properly (#3941)
16:10 Changeset [12424] by nbd
fix a race condition which would leave dnsmasq in infinite resolving …
16:02 Changeset [12423] by nbd
remove bogus ifxmips network config override
14:58 Changeset [12422] by nbd
add back busybox httpd password auth support - fixes x-wrt
14:41 Changeset [12421] by nbd
madwifi: fix encryption type check
14:13 Changeset [12420] by nbd
madwifi: only start hostapd when necessary
11:21 Ticket #3947 (add Mercurial SCM package) created by pmeerw@…
duplicate of #2226
04:09 Ticket #3946 (Signedness issue with ip2int/int2ip on IXP4xx, breaking DHCP) created by benoar@…
DHCP was not working on my Freecom FSG-3 router, and I tracked it downed …
02:15 Changeset [12419] by nbd
add autoload for spi-ks8995
02:15 Changeset [12418] by nbd
mtd: add jffs2 cleanmarker for big endian systems
02:15 Changeset [12417] by nbd
ppp: derive interface unit numbers from previous enumeration
00:19 Changeset [12416] by nbd
fix ppp interface enumeration - don't enumerate already processed …
00:15 Ticket #3945 (kmod-mmc-over-gpio won't compile on Atheros kernel created by anonymous
Using kernel […]


23:52 Changeset [12415] by nbd
ddns-scripts: remove wrong comment and proto specific behavior
23:34 Changeset [12414] by nbd
fix kconfig for packages that only define =y, =m or =n rules
23:16 Changeset [12413] by nbd
upgrade to uci 0.6.1 - lots of cli and lua binding fixes
23:02 Changeset [12412] by nbd
fix uboot-ifxmips compile on mac os x
22:33 Changeset [12411] by blogic
fixes broken if-then in led init script
22:18 Changeset [12410] by nbd
add autoconf (fixes opkg build issues)
21:35 Changeset [12409] by nbd
fix busybox compile on mac os x
21:21 Ticket #3944 (quilt build fails on MacOS X) created by jeffk
To replicate: * Prep Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.4 environment * $ sudo …
21:16 Changeset [12408] by blogic
make uci firewall backwards compatible to the old firewall.user
20:54 Changeset [12407] by blogic
add proto tcpudp to firewall
20:48 Changeset [12406] by blogic
ifxmips should not overwrite DEFAULT_PACKAGES
20:33 Changeset [12405] by juhosg
[adm5120] generate images for the EASY 5120P-ATA board
20:31 Changeset [12404] by blogic
fix device duplication in firewall if the balancing of ifup and ifdown is …
18:48 Changeset [12403] by blogic
make sure uci firewall reverts its states when stopped
17:55 Changeset [12402] by blogic
fixes uci firewall init order, Signed-off-by: Roberto Riggio
17:24 Changeset [12401] by blogic
fixes cvs download, signed-off by Bruno Randolf
16:14 Changeset [12400] by nbd
enable quilt by default for the kernel tree
16:13 Changeset [12399] by nbd
fix ./scripts/env delete
16:13 Changeset [12398] by nbd
build and install a current quilt version in tools/
16:09 Changeset [12397] by florian
This patch enables the new ath5k driver. Works for me with X86 Alix board …
16:09 Ticket #3911 ([Patch] ath5k support) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [12396], thanks !
16:04 Changeset [12396] by cyrus
firewall: Added support for port-ranges as firstPort-lastPort to redirect …
14:03 Changeset [12395] by blogic
adds 5 new chains to the uci firewall that can be used to hook custom …
13:57 Ticket #3943 (Infineon EASY 5120P-ATA Reference Board Kernal load problem) created by forAKhaliq@…
I am trying to custom compile OpenWrt for Infineon EASY 5120P-ATA …
12:26 Ticket #3942 (ccache not being used) created by steven@…
When I was compiling openwrt (with 'ccache' enabled in the settings), I …
12:13 Ticket #3941 (ISC dhcpd init script) created by isuzuki@…
Hi, Failure/success checking logic in ISC dhcpd init script is reversed. …


21:32 Ticket #3940 (Overflow in htpdate average calcualtion) created by kimhanse@…
The average calculation in htpdate overflows when the sum of the offsets …
19:19 Ticket #3935 (Allow raw hex passphrase in hostapd.sh) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [12394], thanks !
19:19 Changeset [12394] by florian
A WPA(2) pre-shared key can either be specified as a 8 to 63 character …
19:16 Ticket #3934 (Allow raw hex passphrase in hostapd.sh) closed by florian
duplicate: Duplicate of #3935
19:13 Ticket #3928 (wl-500gp v1 wont boot anymore) closed by florian
16:50 Ticket #3939 (LAN interface down on Edimax BR-6104K / ADM5120 LE) created by mforkel
I've flashed an Edimax BR-6104K (ADM5120, little endian) with a vanilla …
15:05 Ticket #3938 (more image build options?) created by bartswinnen@…
Is there any possibility to get the option build different jffs2 images. I …
13:36 Changeset [12393] by blogic
adds several fixes to etrax, make openssl work on etrax
13:07 Changeset [12392] by blogic
adds more sanity checks to uci firewall
12:49 Ticket #3937 ([PATCH][madwifi] set essid on to avoid association with different ssid) created by ffrrrr@…
If ssid is configured, this force the ssid checking. From iwconfig(8) : …
10:46 Ticket #3936 (Zabbix agent adds user and init script) created by Floppe
This patch adds the user zabbix (id 53) when the zabbix-agent is …
10:37 Ticket #3935 (Allow raw hex passphrase in hostapd.sh) created by thomas@…
I cannot send an email to openwrt-devel without subscribing, so I am …
10:36 Ticket #3934 (Allow raw hex passphrase in hostapd.sh) created by thomas@…
I cannot send an email to openwrt-devel without subscribing, so I am …
09:23 Changeset [12391] by blogic
use proto instead of protocol in uci firewall


23:37 Changeset [12390] by kaloz
disable fpu emulation on magicbox -- no idea how it got back there
14:18 Changeset [12389] by kaloz
update sibyte config, disable unneeded features
12:10 Ticket #3909 (DHCP is not working in 12357) closed by florian
12:06 Ticket #3931 (AR7 fails to build bridge-utils after r12346) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [12388].
12:06 Changeset [12388] by florian
Fix bridge-utils configuration failure (#3931), thanks sn9
11:31 Ticket #3933 (error in 910-cryptodev_backport.patch) created by anonymous
there is a coding error in …
09:28 Changeset [12387] by juhosg
[adm5120] minor cleanups
07:21 Changeset [12386] by florian
Use busybox mount, could be overriden to use util-linux-ng for instance, …
07:18 Changeset [12385] by florian
Start X server in the background, so that the boot process completes, …
06:57 Ticket #3932 (Openwrt fails to compile with kmod-ieee80211) created by anonymous
When I compile openwrt (svn) I get a failure in the kernel crypto modules. …
06:24 Ticket #3931 (AR7 fails to build bridge-utils after r12346) created by KillaB
I was successful in compiling r12345, but r12346 to current (r12384) fail …


18:23 Ticket #3930 ([package] Update linux-uvc and mjpg-streamer to latest revision) created by moh_de
Hi, would it be possible to update the multimedia-packages 'linux-uvc' and …
18:06 Changeset [12384] by cyrus
Updated Lua host compiler to 5.1.4
17:45 Changeset [12383] by cyrus
Updated Lua to 5.1.4
16:41 Changeset [12382] by kaloz
upgrade sibyte to
16:28 Changeset [12381] by nbd
lua: remove an unnecessary check and replace switch (GET_OPCODE(i)) as …
16:16 Changeset [12380] by nbd
some more s/git-/git /
15:40 Changeset [12379] by nbd
replace the deprecated git-* command calls with git *
15:37 Changeset [12378] by nbd
improve lua opcode dispatch performance by using computed goto instead of …
13:56 Ticket #3929 (Authentication not working for busybox httpd) created by bart.swinnen@…
The previous method of having Authentication for httpd id not working any …
04:40 Changeset [12377] by thepeople
fix bridge utils for brcm-2.4 from …
01:45 Changeset [12376] by nbd
fix make kernel_menuconfig for subtarget kernel config files


23:21 Changeset [12375] by florian
Fix hostapd with open access point and per-device configuration, thanks …
21:47 Ticket #3928 (wl-500gp v1 wont boot anymore) created by Elphidium
im using r12336 and a wl-500gpv1 with brcm wifi, this release boot, but …
20:01 Ticket #3743 (Cannot build microperl without also selecting perl) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [12374], thanks for reporting!
20:00 Changeset [12374] by nico
fix perl/microperl builds
16:56 Ticket #3927 (problems booting atheros AP43 with 2.6.26.x kernel) created by bart.swinnen@…
Hi I have problems booting a Atheros AP43 board with openwrt. Here is the …
16:26 Changeset [12373] by nbd
upgrade uci to 0.6.0 - many bugfixes and an API cleanup
15:41 Ticket #3926 (problems booting from jffs2 since created by bart.swinnen@…
Hi Don't know what exactly the problem is, but since I have …
15:29 Ticket #3924 (libssp missing from builds) closed by florian
worksforme: Please rebuild your openssh package. We have disabled libssp because it is …
09:30 Ticket #3925 (WGT634U: netconfig: grep to distinguish WGT634U model now fails) created by brianc@…
The code in /etc/init.d/netconfig which is supposed to recognize the …
01:46 Ticket #3924 (libssp missing from builds) created by aaron
even if you select libssp in make menuconfig / .config, no libssp is built …
00:56 Ticket #3923 (WAG354G: AR7 / ACX-100 / ADM6996L - wifi and switch doesn't work) created by Piorun
I'm trying to make openwrt build (12364) for WAG354G, I have two WAGs: …


21:34 Changeset [12372] by juhosg
[adm5120] sync kernel config
21:29 Ticket #3922 (OpenWRT Trac enhancement suggestion) created by gergely.kis@…
I would like to suggest 2 changes in the Trac setup: * Raise the fastcgi …
17:56 Ticket #3921 ((patch) fix for building busybox 1.11.1 under FreeBSD) created by rizzo@…
The recent import of busybox 1.11.1 breaks the build under FreeBSD, …
17:37 Changeset [12371] by juhosg
[kernel] update to and
16:30 Ticket #3920 (DEPENDS parameter should be used during "install" too) created by steven@…
If I use DEPENDS in my description, what my understanding was is that the …
15:57 Ticket #3915 (httpd get installed in /etc/init.d) closed by nico
worksforme: A basic httpd service is enabled in busybox, in order to fully disable it, …
15:56 Ticket #3919 (uci) created by anonymous
Hi it seems to me that revision #12369 has problems in reading uci …
15:47 Ticket #3863 (Imagebuilder can't find packages list) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [12370], thanks for reporting!
15:45 Changeset [12370] by nico
fix ImageBuilder (closes: #3863)
15:33 Ticket #3802 (Video4Linux is broken under kernel 2.6.26 for certain drivers) closed by nico
worksforme: Can't reproduce, although you have to install theese 2 packages using the …
15:33 Ticket #3918 ("ipkg install kmod-tun_2.6.26.2-adm5120-1_mipsel.ipk" OpenWRT kernel ...) created by shahrokh_md@…
i download & install openwrt adm5120-1 from: …
15:14 Ticket #3917 ("ipkg update" wget: bad address 'downloads.openwrt.org') created by shahrokh_md@…
i installed openwrt software from …
07:03 Changeset [12369] by nico
oops, fix typo in [12368]
07:02 Changeset [12368] by nico
install ppp development headers
06:23 Ticket #3710 (sdk patch) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [12365] & [12367]. The SDK should be working with feeds now. …
06:20 Changeset [12367] by nico
add LICENSE & minimal Config.in files (closes: #3710)
06:18 Changeset [12366] by nico
don't display the "Image configuration" menu entry when there's nothing to …
04:52 Changeset [12365] by nico
add feeds config file to SDK


23:31 Ticket #3916 (gpiommc does not compile for ifxmips (Kamikaze (r12364))) created by zoobab@…
gpiommc seems to fail: […]
22:20 Ticket #3915 (httpd get installed in /etc/init.d) created by steven@…
Hi, This is just a small beauty-issue I saw: - I disabled httpd …
22:08 Ticket #3914 (compile rrdcollect in an extra package for rrdtool1 and librrd1) created by gerd@…
when you use rrdtool and librrd (1.2) on a wrt54g problem is flash disk …
18:54 Ticket #3850 (magicbox_ide broken) closed by juhosg
fixed: Fixed in [12364].
18:52 Changeset [12364] by juhosg
[magicbox] fix the CF driver on 2.6.26.x, and create a package for it
16:54 Changeset [12363] by nbd
madwifi: keep a/g mode and pureg setting in sync across vaps
15:52 Ticket #3913 (906-msdosfs_header.patch fails) created by giuseppe.marella@…
https://dev.openwrt.org/cgi-bin/trac.fcgi/browser/trunk/target/linux/generic …
15:30 Changeset [12362] by nico
set reasonable generic CRYPTO_ config entries for 2.6.26
15:18 Ticket #3896 (kmod-ipt-imq) closed by nico
fixed: Should be fixed in [12361], thanks for reporting!
15:17 Changeset [12361] by nico
fix kmod-ipt-imq module generation (closes: #3896)
13:13 Ticket #3912 ([Patch] Support for newer Sierra UMTS cards) created by dnehring@…
These cards are already included in 2.6.27, but needed in older kernel …
13:12 Ticket #3911 ([Patch] ath5k support) created by dnehring@…
This patch enables the new ath5k driver. Works for me with X86 Alix board …
03:55 Ticket #3910 (Networks problems with Broadcom BCM5352) created by fofware@…
Network do not work in Broadcom BCM5352 I did a svn co get r12359 build …
03:03 Changeset [12360] by nico
add missing dependency on freeradius to freeradius-mod-radutmp, tweak …
01:34 Ticket #3909 (DHCP is not working in 12357) created by sivan.yani@…
DHCP is not working , the router can ping my pcs(static ip configured) but …
01:26 Ticket #3202 (Remove patch 410-httpd_cgi_headers.patch from busybox) closed by nico
wontfix: Replying to lorenz.schori@gmx.ch: > The purpose of …
00:42 Ticket #3362 (Iptables issue when ipt_LOG build into the kernel: doesn't support ...) closed by nico
fixed: The LOG iptables extension is included in the firmware if you select …
00:31 Ticket #3199 (IPKG comparing) closed by nico
wontfix: We switched to opkg
00:24 Ticket #3577 (Update bridge-utils package to 1.4) closed by nico
fixed: Updated in [12346]
00:16 Ticket #3864 (olsrd missing from packages) closed by nico
fixed: Fixed in [12307], thanks for reporting!
00:13 Ticket #3905 (microperl / perl fails to compile with latest trunk) closed by nico
duplicate: See #3743
00:13 Ticket #3887 (microperl compilation fails) closed by nico
duplicate: See #3743
00:00 Changeset [12359] by nico
move more extra packages from ./trunk to ./packages


23:47 Ticket #3284 (Upgrade Busybox and dropbear packages) closed by nico
fixed: Busybox updated to 1.11.1 in [12348]
22:38 Changeset [12358] by nix
Update Makefile to new release
22:09 Ticket #3908 (Update dialog package to 1.1-20080819) created by anonymous
21:50 Ticket #3907 (Update anyremote package to 4.7.1) created by anonymous
19:20 Changeset [12357] by juhosg
[adm5120] load the mac address from flash where it is possible
18:04 Ticket #3730 (mount from util-linux-ng breaks boot) closed by nico
fixed: Should be fixed in [12356]
18:04 Changeset [12356] by nico
add missing dependencies on libblkid/libuuid for mount-utils/swap-utils …
18:01 Changeset [12355] by nico
add a patch to use relative symlinks for development shared libraries
17:46 Changeset [12354] by nbd
disable ath9k on all platforms without pci support, not just uml
17:38 Changeset [12353] by nbd
upgrade to uci 0.5.0, adds list handling support
17:33 Changeset [12352] by nico
disable ath9k on uml
17:29 Changeset [12351] by nico
disable ipv6 systcl call, as ipv6 is not enabled by default
17:20 Changeset [12350] by nico
remove empty patches left over after [12348]
16:49 Ticket #3906 ([firewall] interface added in zone for each dhcp renew) created by ffrrrr@…
Hello, for each dhcp renew a ifup hotplug event is triggered. …
16:10 Ticket #3353 (Upgrade busybox) closed by nico
fixed: Updated to 1.11.1 in [12348]
16:09 Ticket #3901 ([Packages] opkg collected errors) closed by nico
fixed: Fixes in [12349], thanks for reporting!
16:09 Changeset [12349] by nico
add "Architecture" field to opkg status file (closes: #3901)
16:00 Changeset [12348] by kaloz
upgrade busybox to v1.11.1 and add current upstream fixes
15:58 Changeset [12347] by kaloz
rename patch
15:56 Changeset [12346] by kaloz
upgrade bridge-utils to v1.4
14:34 Changeset [12345] by nbd
fix uci_set_state for empty values
14:14 Ticket #3905 (microperl / perl fails to compile with latest trunk) created by telstar924@…
make[4]: Entering directory …
13:45 Changeset [12344] by blogic
fixes variables, oops
13:17 Changeset [12343] by blogic
adds the option to have no proto for a interface, usefull if the uci …
01:17 Ticket #3904 (build image does not folow "kernel -> localversion" in uname) created by Ken Roberts <alisonken1@…>
If "make kernel_menuconfig" has modified the "General setup -> Local …
00:50 Ticket #1871 (kamikaze - ipkg upgrade segfaults on asus wl500g prem) closed by nbd
worksforme: usb access is much more stable in trunk with 2.6.25 - this should have …
00:28 Ticket #2697 (Multiple package compilation failures for x86 (NET4801)) closed by nbd
worksforme: full build works for me, so i guess these are fixed now
00:05 Changeset [12342] by blogic
add section names to dnsmasq config
00:03 Ticket #3903 (wrtsl54gs: WAN interface (eth1) borked) created by tafkaks
Nearly bleeding edge (r12316). The wan interface on the router (th1 in …


20:22 Changeset [12341] by nbd
madwifi: more wds sta related fixes
20:07 Changeset [12340] by blogic
redboot.c - adds implicit creation of boardconfig partition
19:25 Changeset [12339] by blogic
fixes ntpclient, whoich quit if -s and -l were not handed over as …
16:53 Ticket #3902 (ipaddr and gateway never set in network state for ppp configurations) created by ffrrrr@…
Hello, ipaddr and gateway parameters does not seem to be set in …
13:25 Ticket #3901 ([Packages] opkg collected errors) created by anonymous
12:15 Ticket #3900 ([Packages] Please package and port git and dokuwiki packages) created by anonymous


17:03 Ticket #3899 (hidden symbol `__clz_tab') created by gig-tmb@…
Trunk 12337 Routerboard 532 […] Not compilled libln …
15:54 Changeset [12338] by kaloz
upgrade iop32x to
15:22 Ticket #3898 (udhcpc gives an error if you have a gateway defined) created by trine
KAMIKAZE (bleeding edge, r12336) udhcpc gives an error if you have a …
13:49 Changeset [12337] by blogic
clean up atheros pci code
11:05 Ticket #2608 (ar2315 watchdog driver) closed by blogic
fixed: [12309]
10:26 Ticket #3859 (bridge!!! sta fliping or goes down!!!) closed by nbd
worksforme: don't bridge a regular sta interface, use 'option wds 1' on both the sta …
10:12 Ticket #3862 (OOPS in net_rx_action) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in r12280
10:11 Ticket #3865 (madwifi crash & burn) closed by nbd
10:09 Ticket #2604 (hang on startup when compiling with GCC4.2.1 & 4.2.2 on IXP4XX) closed by nbd
10:06 Ticket #2881 (cannot save wireless settings in wrt850g V3) closed by nbd
wontfix: white russian is no longer being maintained.
10:04 Ticket #2974 (White Russian 0.9, broadcom 2.4 wep key indices > 1 fail) closed by nbd
wontfix: white russian is no longer being maintained
10:03 Ticket #3050 (adm5120 (rb133): /etc/preinit missing in openwrt*.tgz) closed by nbd
10:01 Ticket #2781 (WAN interface fails to start on boot, manual 'ifup wan' needed) closed by nbd
fixed: should be fixed by r12019


18:21 Changeset [12336] by nbd
python packaging related cleanups for rdiff-backup and rrdtool
18:18 Changeset [12335] by nbd
add missing dependency
15:02 Ticket #3001 (Please enable ECN by default) closed by nbd
fixed: enabled in r12334
15:01 Changeset [12334] by nbd
enable TCP ECN by default (see #3001 for more information)
14:32 Ticket #1569 (kamikaze - incoming arp reqests on ath0 ignored) closed by nbd
worksforme: should be fixed in recent trunk versions (switched from wpa_supplicant …
14:30 Ticket #3878 (uClibc libc.so symlink is absolute) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in r12333
14:30 Changeset [12333] by nbd
make libc.so symlink relative instead of absolute (#3878)
14:01 Ticket #3897 (Typos in uci_firewall.sh) closed by nbd
fixed: applied in r12332 - thanks
14:01 Changeset [12332] by nbd
fix some firewall script typos (patch from #3897)
13:50 Ticket #3699 (Update valgrind package to 3.3.1) closed by nbd
fixed: upgraded in r12331
13:49 Changeset [12331] by nbd
upgrade valgrind to 3.3.1, refresh patches (#3699)
13:49 Changeset [12330] by nbd
fix valgrind on ppc
13:14 Changeset [12329] by nbd
some more build system cleanup
11:30 Ticket #2831 (WDS is broken on WGT634U) closed by nbd
worksforme: try a recent version. it should be working there.
11:27 Ticket #2911 (B43 Package fails to build on Linux PPC) closed by nbd
11:05 Changeset [12328] by nbd
rename feeds.conf to feeds.conf.default, make feeds.conf override …
11:04 Changeset [12327] by nbd
export the FIND variable which points to a usable find version
10:46 Ticket #3888 (Firstboot not working) closed by nbd
invalid: firstboot does not work with jffs2 images.
10:44 Ticket #3897 (Typos in uci_firewall.sh) created by naf@…
For trunk revision 12319: - declaration of $ruleset is missed in the …
10:41 Ticket #3894 (tor memory leaks, memory hogging and memory fragmentation) closed by nbd
wontfix: i agree that this should be done. but it should be done upstream, not in …
10:26 Ticket #3896 (kmod-ipt-imq) created by isleman
Hi kernel module ipt-imq is checked for compilation but after make world …


22:23 Ticket #3895 (asterisk 1.6 integration) created by norbert
First asterisk 1.6 package without any feature selection derived from …
21:15 Ticket #3894 (tor memory leaks, memory hogging and memory fragmentation) created by anonymous
tor's memory usage is not exactly optimized for embedded systems. On the …
20:01 Changeset [12326] by thepeople
add /etc/firewall.user to be backed up becuase it is an example in …
19:48 Ticket #3893 (tor.pid should be stored in /var/run/tor) created by anonymous
Since /var/run belongs to root:root and tor runs under tor:tor, tor.pid …
19:01 Ticket #3860 (metadata.pm uses uninitialized values) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in r12325
19:00 Changeset [12325] by nbd
fix uninitialized variable in metadata.pm (#3860)
19:00 Ticket #3880 (Coding error in madwifi 300-napi_enable.patch?) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in r12323
19:00 Changeset [12324] by nbd
add vif selection fix for the broadcom-wl wifi script (thx, sn9)
19:00 Changeset [12323] by nbd
fix madwifi napi polling packet counting final fix for #3880
19:00 Ticket #3882 (Let buildroot make use of multicore cpu's) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in r12322
18:59 Changeset [12322] by nbd
rework parallel building to get rid of some warnings and add back support …
18:46 Changeset [12321] by thepeople
remove unneeded line
18:25 Ticket #3548 ((r11475) recent 2.6.25 image does not boot on Asus WL-500gP) closed by nbd
18:04 Changeset [12320] by thepeople
remove /etc/firewall.* from being kept as they no longer are used in trunk
16:30 Ticket #3892 (luci_statistics disk plugin should chop() whitespace) created by aaron
When you have extra whitespace in the fields ("Disk" field) then the …
08:35 Changeset [12319] by thepeople
make opkg the default package manager, disable busybox ipkg from building …
08:33 Changeset [12318] by thepeople
fix typo, proto should be protocol
06:10 Ticket #3891 (Kamikaze 7.09: tor segmentation fault on WGT634U) created by anonymous
tor version from …
05:14 Ticket #3890 (Update tor to the latest stable version) created by anonymous
version when this bug was filed


23:26 Ticket #3889 (documentation: txantenna docu is missing) created by aaron
please document, that txantenna and rxantenna is a possible option in …
22:18 Changeset [12317] by blogic
trigger error if dport is used when no proto is defined
19:39 Ticket #3888 (Firstboot not working) created by trine
Firstboot is not working it outputs this message in my serial console:- …
16:48 Ticket #3887 (microperl compilation fails) created by Bob Keyes
Lots of warnings, and then make finally doesn't know what to do. ixp425, …
11:11 Ticket #3886 (wifidog package lacks a /etc/rc.d symlink) closed by florian
worksforme: You have to use : […]
11:09 Ticket #3886 (wifidog package lacks a /etc/rc.d symlink) created by seniorr@…
When wifidog package is installed no symlink in /etc/rc.d is created, …
06:13 Changeset [12316] by thepeople
fix symlinks when installing opkg into a image
00:23 Ticket #2037 (samba compile on mac osx cannot determine host system) closed by florian
fixed: Should be fixed with samba3.
00:21 Ticket #3557 (Invalid size of /tmp) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [12315].
00:21 Changeset [12315] by florian
Fix negative calculation of the tmpfs for devices with few RAM (#3557)
00:16 Ticket #3841 (iptraf - warning while compiling trunk) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [12314].
00:16 Changeset [12314] by florian
Move directory creation to postinst script (#3841)


23:24 Ticket #3298 (Updated Aircrack-ng package) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed.
23:24 Changeset [12313] by florian
Add missing aircrack-ng dependencies due to switching to svn revisions
21:34 Ticket #3885 (AR7 network driver (cpmac) raises kernel oops with ...) created by sw
AR7 kernels compiled with CONFIG_NETDEVICES_MULTIQUEUE (which is …
21:07 Changeset [12312] by blogic
remove /etc/functions.sh call from led hotplug script
20:05 Changeset [12311] by juhosg
[brcm47xx] refresh 2.6.23 patches
18:45 Changeset [12310] by blogic
remove stupid feature from ntpclient hotplug script and remove whitespace …
18:18 Ticket #3884 (update madwifi 0.9.4 with path for 2.6.26) created by xkennyx@…
There is patch for compilation stable madwifi against kernel 2.6.26 …
18:08 Changeset [12309] by blogic
adds watchdog driver to ar5315
17:21 Changeset [12308] by florian
Switch aircrack-ng to a svn revision, thus we have airserv-ng
17:10 Ticket #3883 (crypto hardware driver support) created by norbert
first patch for testing, AMD Geode works for me, but I can't build modules …
15:16 Changeset [12307] by florian
Fix recursive libpthread dependency on libpthread
15:03 Ticket #3881 (Update Polipo) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [12306].
15:00 Changeset [12306] by florian
Update polipo to 1.0.4 (#3881)
14:03 Changeset [12305] by blogic
clean up ntpclient uci - add global section for default values - find …
12:53 Changeset [12304] by nico
move qc-usb from trunk to packages as well (see [12260])
12:12 Ticket #3882 (Let buildroot make use of multicore cpu's) created by steven@…
These days every new cpu has at least 2 or more cores. But building the …
02:56 Ticket #3881 (Update Polipo) created by anonymous
Can Polipo be updated to 1.0.4 or 20080524. Sources: …


23:12 Changeset [12303] by florian
Fix opkg compilation with ccache, thanks sn9
21:52 Changeset [12302] by juhosg
[adm5120] load board's mac address on Compex devices
21:42 Ticket #3827 (Update Wrtsl54gs profile to include wireless LAN) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [12301].
21:42 Changeset [12301] by florian
Now we have b43 working in master mode, include b43 in the profile (#3827)
21:38 Ticket #3866 (brcm47xx-2.6 - b43 doesn't work in AP mode with hostapd) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [12298], [12299] and [12300]. Huge thanks !
21:37 Changeset [12300] by florian
Update b43 to work in AP mode
21:35 Changeset [12299] by florian
Allow mac80211 drivers to work in master mode
21:32 Changeset [12298] by florian
Update hostapd to 0.6.4
20:48 Changeset [12297] by juhosg
[package] i2c-gpio-custom: minor bugfix
18:15 Changeset [12296] by juhosg
[adm5120] fix gpio number of the reset button Compex WP54 boards
17:39 Changeset [12295] by florian
Add missing config symbols
17:08 Changeset [12294] by florian
Fix card_idx calculation, thanks sn9
16:06 Changeset [12293] by florian
Fix putting mac80211 interfaces in monitor and managed modes
15:30 Changeset [12292] by florian
Fix a bug when parsing ca_cert and eap_type with wpa_supplicant, this …
12:23 Ticket #3877 (update iodine package) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [12291], thanks !
12:22 Changeset [12291] by florian
Update iodine to 0.4.2 (#3877)


22:10 Ticket #3772 ([patch] vpnc improvements) closed by florian
22:09 Changeset [12290] by florian
Fix st2205tool dependency against libgd
16:22 Changeset [12289] by florian
Add generic wpa_supplicant calls and use them for mac80211 and madwifi.
15:44 Changeset [12288] by florian
Typo, should be kmod-madwifi
15:18 Changeset [12287] by florian
Include madwifi by default in rb532 images
08:02 Changeset [12286] by florian
Allow routerboard users to kexec into the newly installed kernel if …
00:28 Changeset [12285] by blogic
fixes firewall makefile description
00:27 Changeset [12284] by blogic
uci firewall - make uci firewall default and remove old code - fix up …


23:39 Ticket #2069 (802.1x authentiactaion for wpa_supplicant on atheros chips) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [12283].
23:38 Changeset [12283] by florian
Add 802.1x client configuration support and corresponding documentation …
22:59 Ticket #3848 (target/linux/adm5120/Makefile missing ARCH, breaks menuconfig) closed by florian
worksforme: I cannot reproduce the bug here.
22:51 Changeset [12282] by blogic
uci_firewall - fixes hotplug.d script
22:46 Changeset [12281] by blogic
uci firewall - remove implicit creation of zones, based on network …
18:05 Ticket #3876 (pppd fails to start on ar7) closed by nbd
fixed: fixed in r12277
16:36 Changeset [12280] by nbd
madwifi: napi polling fix - fix u_int negative comparison - add some …
16:18 Changeset [12279] by blogic
fixes samba3 to use gawk instead of mawk
16:00 Changeset [12278] by blogic
adds samba3 - compiles at ~1MB (or ~1,3MB if log files are enabled) - …
15:02 Changeset [12277] by nbd
switch the br2684 default to routed mode instead of bridged mode, as it's …
08:39 Ticket #3760 (Missing IPv6 netfilter modules in 2.4 kernel) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [12276]
08:38 Changeset [12276] by florian
Package ip6t_limit and ip6t_frag for 2.4 kernels (#3760)
06:10 Ticket #3880 (Coding error in madwifi 300-napi_enable.patch?) created by jhansen@…
Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the following line in the …
03:02 Ticket #3879 (no wireless on brcm-2.4) created by anonymous
After building r12275 by selecting the options: * Target System …
01:36 Ticket #3878 (uClibc libc.so symlink is absolute) created by christer@…
The libc.so symlink created by the build is absolute, i.e. …


23:43 Ticket #3259 ([PATCH] Fix batman and batman-advanced on 2.6.24 kernel) closed by florian
23:41 Ticket #3384 (after upgrading to kamakazie 7.09) closed by florian
23:38 Ticket #2851 (libsamplerate package needs aclocal.m4 rebuilt with aclocal for 2.4 ...) closed by florian
23:30 Ticket #2853 (6to4-scripts) closed by florian
23:28 Ticket #3064 ([Packages] lang/php4 does not compile) closed by florian
23:27 Ticket #3152 (Cannot specify adhoc in /etc/config/wireless) closed by florian
23:25 Ticket #2417 (Support for hardware accelerated encryption on Broadcom platforms (ie. ...) closed by florian
23:24 Ticket #2444 (Slow bidirectional printing in p910nd, fix available) closed by florian
23:22 Ticket #2548 (WPA hotplug script fails on coldboot) closed by florian
23:19 Ticket #2716 (libreadline broken in trunk) closed by florian
23:18 Ticket #2728 ([Packages] vtun does not compile) closed by florian
23:17 Ticket #2743 (Revision: 9590: libnl fails to compile on atheros) closed by florian
23:16 Ticket #2784 (updated package: lcd4linux) closed by florian
23:13 Ticket #1788 (Reestablishing WDS connections when using WPA encryption) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed in kamikaze.
23:13 Ticket #1802 (WEP will not authorize in STA mode on brcm-2.4) closed by florian
fixed: This is now fixed.
23:10 Ticket #2296 (xrelayd) closed by florian
invalid: It was packaged for old-buildroot, could you please resubmit with the …
23:08 Ticket #2301 (Buildroot fails for file names containing blanks) closed by florian
23:07 Ticket #2303 ([PATCH] Make aiccu compile on Mac OS X + cleanups) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [12274].
23:07 Changeset [12275] by florian
Forgot that patch
23:06 Changeset [12274] by florian
Fix aiccu compilation on MacOSX (#2303)
23:02 Ticket #2305 (Bad 'ln -s' in Kamikaze docs under 2.1.1) closed by florian
invalid: There is the feeds script now.
22:45 Ticket #3877 (update iodine package) created by pmeerw@…
0.4.1 -> 0.4.2 which contains valuable fixes IMHO --- Makefile (revision …
21:07 Ticket #3876 (pppd fails to start on ar7) created by loswillios
[…] revision 12250 on my speedport w701v (ar7)
20:46 Changeset [12273] by nbd
gst-python is no longer broken
18:26 Changeset [12272] by nbd
fix r12256
18:12 Changeset [12271] by nbd
python packages cleanup, add some missing deps
17:49 Changeset [12270] by nbd
add missing dependency
17:42 Ticket #3875 (request for adding arpnat target in ebtables) created by anonymous
Hi, Everyone is having problem with bridging in station mode. No pings, …
16:37 Changeset [12269] by nbd
fix kmod-ide-core packaging for 2.6.26+
16:37 Changeset [12268] by nbd
add missing kconfig symbol for generic ide
14:06 Changeset [12267] by nbd
fix aes on x86 (thx, Acinonyx)
13:54 Ticket #3874 (broadcom wl500gp adhoc crash) created by anonymous
config wifi-iface option network lan option device wl0 …
13:50 Changeset [12266] by nbd
numpy only builds on x86 based stuff at the moment. will be fixed later
13:50 Changeset [12265] by nbd
fix php4 compile on arm, add fpic while we're at it
13:36 Ticket #3873 (fon atheros madwifi mode sta) created by phr3ak
client1 cannot access the remote wireless device when local atheros device …
12:52 Changeset [12264] by nbd
fix r12218
11:20 Changeset [12263] by juhosg
[ar71xx] add wget2nand script
11:18 Changeset [12262] by juhosg
[ar71xx] ag71xx: add initial message level support
10:07 Ticket #3872 (OpenWrt-ImageBuilder-ixp4xx-2.6-for-Linux-x86_64 breaks) created by vishwanath_edavayyanamath@…
Hello, I downloaded the following image, …
09:48 Changeset [12261] by nbd
fix lirc compile on LINUX_KARCH != ARCH


22:36 Changeset [12260] by nbd
move some webcam/sound related stuff from trunk to packages
15:42 Ticket #3871 ([patch] modular conntrack+nat support) created by nico
Make the whole netfilter/iptables modular: - iptables & kmod-ipt-core: …
14:32 Ticket #3870 (Modules not included in Etrax images) created by michelinok
Latest trunk compiles and boot ok with some modifications, but modules are …
13:13 Ticket #2025 (Disclaimer was removed from firewall.user inbetween RC6 and 0.9 - readd.) closed by florian
13:06 Ticket #1828 ([patch] Fix for WPA-PSK client mode on broadcom hardware.) closed by florian
fixed: This is now fixed.
12:37 Ticket #2199 (WDS Appears to not function with WPA1) closed by florian
fixed: This is fixed.
12:37 Ticket #2243 (switching off monitor mode on broadcom causes reboot) closed by florian
fixed: This is now fixed.
12:36 Ticket #1269 (vlan name type problems) closed by florian
12:33 Ticket #1260 (Allow specification of aliases in /etc/config/network) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [12241].
12:30 Ticket #1080 (Support in broadcom-wl package to choose WEP to be "Shared key" or "Open ...) closed by florian
wontfix: Actually wlc does not support those parameters, and it is very likely that …
12:27 Ticket #1222 (wl0: Invalid argument) closed by florian
fixed: This seems to have been fixed.
12:00 Changeset [12259] by florian
Make sure we will have lower case MAC addresses when doing WDS
11:50 Ticket #3839 (PATCH - don't run telnet when is running ssh) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [12258], thanks !
11:50 Changeset [12258] by florian
Do not run telnet if either dropbear or openssh server are running (#3839)
11:44 Ticket #3777 (Update 6tunnel package to 0.11rc2) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [12257].
11:44 Changeset [12257] by florian
Upgrade 6tunnel to 0.11rc2 (#3777)
11:19 Changeset [12256] by florian
qolyester does not compile on powerpc
11:14 Ticket #3600 (Update liboil package to 0.3.14) closed by florian
fixed: Fixed with [12222].
09:08 Changeset [12255] by juhosg
[adm5120] split support of Cellvision boards
02:49 Changeset [12254] by nbd
fix cut&paste mistake
02:41 Changeset [12253] by nbd
sanitize msdosfs header for user space in 2.6.25 (fixes dosfstools …
02:27 Changeset [12252] by nbd
fix make distclean
02:23 Ticket #3830 (Trunk fails to setup routes with Wifi as WAN) closed by florian
worksforme: Ok, so this was just tested against r12249 : /etc/config/network/ : …
02:19 Ticket #3835 (Reestablishing WDS connection while using WPA encryption) closed by florian
fixed: Should be fixed with [12251].
02:18 Ticket #2463 (20-broadcom_wds Script has deffeciencies) closed by florian
fixed: Applied in [12251].
02:18 Changeset [12251] by florian
Support encrypted WDS connections (#2463)
00:43 Changeset [12250] by nbd
add support for appending a file to jffs2 during reflash on the fly
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