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Torrent traffic brings down wired net after a few minutes

Reported by: Del Owned by: developers
Priority: high Milestone: Chaos Calmer 15.05
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After a few minutes of heavy torrent traffic, the wired network goes down. Wireless clients are still connected and work as before.

This is on the Mikrotik RouterBOARD 493G, running Barrier Breaker r35052. Dmesg is rather verbose on the problem, seems the problem hits at net/sched/sch_generic.c:255, google provides numerous hits on issues triggered there. The relevant part of dmesg is the following (complete dmesg attached):

[164349.010000] ------------[ cut here ]------------
[164349.010000] WARNING: at net/sched/sch_generic.c:255 0x801f7e9c()
[164349.020000] NETDEV WATCHDOG: eth0 (ag71xx): transmit queue 0 timed out
[164349.020000] Modules linked in: mmc_spi fuse act_connmark usbhid cm109 ueagle_atm speedtch cxacru act_skbedit act_mirred em_u32 cls_u32 cls_tcindex cls_flow cls_route cls_fw sch_hfsc sch_fq_codel sch_codel sch_ingress hid ums_usbat ums_sddr55 ums_sddr09 ums_karma ums_jumpshot ums_isd200 ums_freecom ums_datafab ums_cypress ums_alauda usblp usbatm cdc_acm evdev ath79_wdt ledtrig_usbdev ledtrig_netdev nf_nat_irc nf_nat_ftp nf_conntrack_irc nf_conntrack_ftp xt_HL xt_hl xt_ecn ipt_ECN xt_CLASSIFY xt_time xt_tcpmss xt_statistic xt_mark xt_length xt_DSCP xt_dscp xt_string xt_layer7 ipt_MASQUERADE iptable_nat nf_nat xt_recent xt_helper xt_connmark xt_connbytes pppoe xt_conntrack xt_CT xt_NOTRACK iptable_raw xt_state nf_conntrack_ipv4 nf_defrag_ipv4 nf_conntrack pppox ipt_REJECT xt_TCPMSS xt_LOG xt_comment xt_multiport xt_mac xt_limit iptable_mangle iptable_filter ip_tables xt_tcpudp x_tables ifb tun ppp_async ppp_generic slhc vfat fat ntfs br2684 atm ath9k(O) ath9k_common(O) ath9k_hw(O) ath(O) mac80211(O) ts_fsm ts_bm ts_kmp crc7 crc_itu_t crc_ccitt cfg80211(O) compat(O) input_core arc4 aes_generic crypto_blkcipher cryptomgr aead mmc_block mmc_core usb_storage uhci_hcd ohci_hcd ehci_hcd sd_mod ext4 jbd2 mbcache btrfs usbcore usb_common scsi_mod nls_base lzo_decompress lzo_compress libcrc32c crc16 zlib_inflate zlib_deflate crc32c crypto_hash crypto_algapi ledtrig_timer ledtrig_default_on leds_gpio gpio_button_hotplug(O)
[164349.150000] Call Trace:[<80267800>] 0x80267800
[164349.150000] [<80267800>] 0x80267800
[164349.160000] [<80071fa4>] 0x80071fa4
[164349.160000] [<801f7e9c>] 0x801f7e9c
[164349.160000] [<80072058>] 0x80072058
[164349.170000] [<801c8604>] 0x801c8604
[164349.170000] [<801f7e9c>] 0x801f7e9c
[164349.170000] [<801f7d1c>] 0x801f7d1c
[164349.180000] [<8007df8c>] 0x8007df8c
[164349.180000] [<80078d48>] 0x80078d48
[164349.190000] [<80078f78>] 0x80078f78
[164349.190000] [<800631ac>] 0x800631ac
[164349.190000] [<800ab4b4>] 0x800ab4b4
[164349.200000] [<80079194>] 0x80079194
[164349.200000] [<800631ac>] 0x800631ac
[164349.200000] [<80063380>] 0x80063380
[164349.210000] [<8009798c>] 0x8009798c
[164349.210000] [<800ab128>] 0x800ab128
[164349.210000] [<80064be8>] 0x80064be8
[164349.220000] [<800633a0>] 0x800633a0
[164349.220000] [<802d48f0>] 0x802d48f0
[164349.220000] [<802d42a4>] 0x802d42a4
[164349.230000] ---[ end trace 8256dff6c3b80073 ]---

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dmesg output

comment:1 Changed 5 years ago by Del <delonly@…>

Searched through tickets posted with OpenWrt. As far as I can see this issue is a recurrent one with the ag71xx with many similar reports. In the case of RB493G, it seems it is the switch AR8316 (from dmesg).

Other issues of the same kind include #12446, #6754 and #11933 in addition to at least three duplicates.

comment:2 Changed 4 years ago by anonymous

I have this issue now.
Router Model TP-Link TL-WR841N/ND v5
Firmware Version OpenWrt Attitude Adjustment 12.09 / LuCI 0.11.1 Release (0.11.1)
Kernel Version 3.3.8

comment:3 follow-up: Changed 4 years ago by trash__box@…

Router Model: Buffalo WHR-HP-G300N
Fireware Version: BARRIER BREAKER (Bleeding Edge, r39582)
Kernel Version: Linux OpenWrt 3.10.28 #1 Fri Feb 14 02:51:30 UTC 2014 mips GNU/Linux

I had this issue one year ago. It still here. Please fix this.

comment:4 in reply to: ↑ 3 Changed 4 years ago by bittorf@…

Fireware Version: BARRIER BREAKER (Bleeding Edge, r39582)
I had this issue one year ago. It still here. Please fix this.

please provide at least a crashdump or kernel-log or crashlog, otherwise nobody can help.

comment:5 Changed 3 years ago by nbd

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