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#4151 Ar71xx kernel crash after ifconfig eth1 juhosg defect highest fixed
#4173 [WGT634U] madwifi driver cannot load due to failed hardware self test developers defect highest fixed
#3116 RouterBoard RB532, korina driver missing ethtool support florian enhancement high fixed
#4052 Download (git/svn/...) BSP Kernel developers enhancement high fixed
#4540 x86 compilation error - net/netfilter/xt_CHAOS problem developers defect high fixed
#6442 Fix Serial Flash support developers enhancement high Kamikaze 8.09 fixed
#3161 [PATCH] mac address is missing on wg302v1 ethernet interface developers defect normal fixed
#4064 Please don't release without Linux 2.6.27 developers defect normal wontfix
#4169 2.6.27 for brcm47xx developers defect normal duplicate
#4185 RB433: ethernet phy_mask in platform data is incorrect juhosg defect normal fixed
#4201 [PATCH] broadcom 96348GW-11 boards developers enhancement normal fixed
#4330 make KernelPackage/i2c-scx200 and i2c-scx200-acb visible developers defect normal fixed
#4486 soekris kmod-leds-net48xx not built developers defect normal fixed
#4529 Installing IPv6 developers defect normal Kamikaze 8.09 fixed
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