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#4423 make -r world: build failed. Please re-run make with V=99 to see what's going on developers defect highest invalid
#3236 Fix hostapd script to use same configuration options for wpa as broadcom agb defect high wontfix
#3963 Firewall creates wrong rules with ppp developers defect high fixed
#4127 commit 12638 breaks rb532 build developers defect high worksforme
#4568 ifup/ifdown script errors developers defect high worksforme
#3380 Python does not install at /opt developers defect normal worksforme
#3982 Update mac80211 developers enhancement normal fixed
#4384 Ctrl-Z in less locks console developers defect normal duplicate
#4454 Unable to install packages in 8.09, r13985 developers defect normal fixed
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