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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2477 please backport busybox 1.7.2 to kamikae 7.09 developers defect highest base system
#2591 Error loading madwifi svn r2756 on IXP4XX developers defect highest packages
#2676 New GCC r9530 cannot compile developers defect highest toolchain
#2682 Error compiling after upgrade to r9533. Filename error developers defect highest base system
#2986 IMQ fail to load layer7 module developers defect highest kernel
#2429 more fixes for dnsmasq.init developers defect high base system
#2438 wrong agmode developers defect high packages
#2706 Makefile of ImageBuilder developers defect high toolchain
#2739 uci script issue developers defect high packages
#2766 SFTP Server drops unhandled kernel unaligned access[#1] developers defect high packages
#2978 udhcpc bugged developers defect high packages
#3012 dnsmasq failed to assign IP range developers defect high packages
#3095 portmap on NSLU2 must not use PIE nico defect high packages
#3139 gpsd segmentation fault on startup. developers defect high packages
#3410 enhance hostap to support wpa/wpa2 802.1x on atheros developers enhancement high packages
#3526 subversion compile problem developers defect high packages
#4130 ath9k AP mode support in Kamikaze 7.09 and kernel version 2.6.26-3 developers enhancement high kernel
#2358 [PATCH] Missing bug fixes developers defect normal packages
#2412 image pre-configuration broken developers defect normal base system
#2433 Problems running KK7.07 or KK7.09 on WRTSL54GS developers defect normal packages
#2463 20-broadcom_wds Script has deffeciencies florian defect normal base system
#2514 bind-server fails to start - missing libs developers defect normal packages
#2519 Python Dependency issue (libreadline) developers defect normal packages
#2662 eth1: will not connect to ISP on Linksys WRTSL54GS (Broadcom), 2.6 kernel, OpenWrt Kamikaze, r9504 build developers defect normal packages
#2687 Failed to compile mac80211 when package rt2x00 selected developers defect normal packages
#2731 Freeradius 1.1.6 package - Libtool header missing developers defect normal packages
#2753 Update OpenSSL from 0.9.8e to 0.9.8g cyrus enhancement normal packages
#2796 Ubiquiti SR5 WRAP2 Kamikaze 7.09 developers defect normal base system
#2812 Update miau: 0.6.4 > 0.6.5 (patch included) developers enhancement normal packages
#2814 [FIX] ssb watchdog extif support Kernel 2.6 developers defect normal kernel
#2820 compile busybox on BSD developers defect normal packages
#2846 802.11b not working correctly on Atheros. developers defect normal base system
#2848 usb-storage script minor fix for base-files-brcm47xx-2.6_10-9078_mipsel.ipk developers defect normal base system
#2890 DIR-300 and Wireless in Kamikaze 7.09 developers defect normal kernel
#2921 dst cache overflow causes router to lose all network connectivity developers defect normal kernel
#2958 wifi channel set before country developers defect normal packages
#3043 Default firewall config accepts all OUTPUT connections developers defect normal packages
#3054 Erroneous shell variable substitution in /etc/ developers defect normal base system
#3059 Latest svn: ./vsftpd: can't resolve symbol 'getspnam' developers defect normal packages
#3063 Parameters not propagated in /etc/rc.common restart developers defect normal base system
#3191 openntpd.postinst script fails if /etc/services entry exists developers defect normal packages
#3247 Adhoc mode not dealt correctly in mac80211 driver developers defect normal base system
#3250 error on insmod capi.ko developers defect normal kernel
#3388 libtorrent header file missing developers defect normal packages
#3476 rdiff-backup depency missing developers enhancement normal packages
#3477 rdiff-backup won't start developers defect normal packages
#3494 zoneedit changed its update URL agb defect normal packages
#3542 btpd missing libopenssl dependency developers defect normal packages
#3547 unhandled IRQ in atheros 2.6 kernel developers defect normal packages
#3560 grub fails to build on Mac os x agb defect normal packages
#3674 kmod-ebtables left uncompiled developers defect normal kernel
#3818 DNSMasq init script dbus param wrong developers defect normal packages
#4073 Wrong use of wpa_passphrase on /lib/wifi/ developers defect normal base system
#4280 DNS SRV records issues with dnsmaq developers defect normal packages
#4284 upgrade to hostapd-0.6.6 developers defect normal packages
#2663 WRT54G3G-EM needs W3GN code pattern developers defect low other
#2893 atheros, wds, 7.09 developers defect lowest packages
#3098 comgt /lib/network/ developers enhancement lowest packages

Resolution: invalid (11 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2718 Cannot compile mac80211 developers defect highest packages Trunk
#2740 WRT54GL can be bricked permanently with wrong commands !!! developers defect highest base system
#3364 dnsmasq corrupts /etc/resolv.conf developers defect highest packages
#3382 activating wireless bricks router developers defect high packages
#3712 Button-hotplug (br6104k) adm5120-based juhosg defect high packages
#2689 startup error message developers defect normal base system
#2762 start_pppd broken unless pppoe is used developers defect normal packages
#3185 Marvel Netwok Sistem developers defect normal packages
#3319 My develop environment - linux server halt when trying build kamikaze developers defect normal toolchain
#3856 ddns-scripts package for all architectures developers enhancement normal packages
#4018 help me developers defect normal packages

Resolution: wontfix (7 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2361 [base-files] install subtargets profile base-files developers defect normal base system
#2455 madwifi-old-openhal developers enhancement normal packages
#2478 ip-up script has but so nothing in /etc/ppp/ip-up.d/ get executed. developers defect normal base system
#2626 Limited squashfs size to 4.88 MB developers defect normal packages
#2805 i2c-core.ko fails to load as module in 2.6 kamikaze due to missing symbols developers defect normal packages Trunk
#3516 No devices in mount list (webif) developers defect normal packages
#3728 insmod ipv6: unresolved symbol tcp_destroy_sock thepeople defect normal kernel Trunk

Resolution: duplicate (6 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2675 Error compiling busybox v1.8.1 developers defect highest packages
#2920 Build failed to create zImage on IXP4XX - Ran out of flash space in <rootfs> developers defect highest base system
#3186 VPN pass through developers defect highest kernel
#3996 segfault on ipkg install developers defect high packages
#3997 PPTP passthrough cause reboot developers defect high kernel
#2661 kmod-video-spca5xx-le will not compile in OpenWrt Kamikaze, r9504 developers defect normal kernel

Resolution: worksforme (18 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#2601 Madwifi failed to operate all wireless cards in 802.11b on IXP4XX board developers defect highest packages
#2736 Error compiling gcc after updating to changeset 9587 & 9588 developers defect highest toolchain
#2971 make package/symlinks : fails developers defect highest packages
#3153 Avila IXP4XX toolchain compile error developers defect highest toolchain
#2405 Building / features with QUILT do not seem work developers defect high toolchain
#2548 WPA hotplug script fails on coldboot developers defect high packages
#2564 WL-700gE does not boot after the power cord has been removed for several hours developers defect high kernel
#2583 openwrt 7.09 binary does not boot on avila/ixp4xx kaloz defect high packages
#2690 dbus-glib-0.74 fails to compile x86(net4801) developers defect high packages
#2697 Multiple package compilation failures for x86 (NET4801) developers defect high packages
#2732 libreadline-5.1 fails to compile developers defect high packages
#2742 libtorrent compilation failure developers defect high packages
#3160 Defect concering allowing outgoing GRE, protocol 47 on Kamikaze 7.09 developers defect high packages
#2385 dynamic interfaces : follow up to r8765 nbd defect normal packages
#2407 dropbear fails to compile developers defect normal base system
#2456 trunk no longer support bcm 2.4 wl0 developers defect normal base system
#2493 bind does not work florian defect normal packages
#2499 Building Kamikaze 7.09 fails with stdarg.h: No such file or directory developers defect normal toolchain
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