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#1658 brcm47xx broken nbd defect highest base system
#1312 Kamikaze's kernel crashes at boot on WGT634U mbm defect high kernel
#1451 gcc-4.1.2 + brcm47xx-2.6 bricks wgt634u (r6543) developers defect high kernel
#1465 brcm47xx-2.6 squashfs corruption (gcc 4.1.2) / broken lan developers defect high kernel
#1473 ASSERTION FAILED: src != NULL at fs/mini_fo/mini_fo.h:399 (fist_copy_attr_times) developers defect high kernel
#1478 R6596 will not recover WGT634U developers defect high kernel
#1496 WL500G Premium Support nbd defect high base system
#1850 WDS interfaces STILL not getting added to bridge developers defect high base system
#1881 ixp4xx kernel uncompress.h (fixed patch included) developers defect high kernel
#1943 modules "tunnel4.ko" and "tunnel6.ko" needed by various modules in kernel 2.6 developers defect high kernel
#272 IDE DMA kills WL-HDD nbd defect normal base system 1.0
#945 and mtu mru values incorrect in #5495 developers defect normal other
#1129 diag.ko will not load on WGT634U svn 5968 on Kamikaze nbd defect normal kernel
#1207 target brcm-2.4 not working on Asus WL-500g nbd defect normal base system
#1255 madwifi TXpower, antenna diversity and distance to AP thepeople enhancement normal packages
#1281 madwifi fixed bssid patch developers enhancement normal packages
#1287 Basic WPA-PSK support for madwifi thepeople defect normal packages
#1452 dnsmasq should use uci developers defect normal base system
#1482 Build error with Chrony florian defect normal packages
#1485 ps fail in brcm47xx-2.6 nbd defect normal base system
#1524 [FIX] NFS kernel server support - Kamikaze Milestone developers defect normal packages
#1537 compilation broken florian defect normal other
#1579 postgres package // patches don't apply developers defect normal packages
#1612 little BUG using x86 and pptp -> modem developers defect normal packages
#1620 Add .KMOD_usb-serial-sierrawireless developers enhancement normal packages
#1708 Patch qos-scripts for directional matching developers enhancement normal packages
#1746 routerboard 532 arch/mips/Kconfig patch error developers defect normal packages
#1817 gd don't compile developers defect normal packages
#1818 gd don't compile florian defect normal packages
#1823 oops upgrading base-files-brcm in kamikaze 7.06 developers defect normal kernel
#1831 WLAN-LED on WRT54GL does not switch off at wifi down developers defect normal base system
#1871 kamikaze - ipkg upgrade segfaults on asus wl500g prem developers defect normal base system
#1872 kismet fails to compile on kamikaze 7.06 florian defect normal packages
#1882 Add SierraWireless AC875 3G card support to usbserial.c developers defect normal kernel
#1911 qos does not start after reboot of Kamikaze 7.06 developers defect normal packages
#1919 PATCH: jffs2 images do not consider CONFIG_TARGET_ROOTFS_FSPART developers defect normal base system
#1927 osiris should depend on libpthread developers defect normal packages
#1956 WPA_supplicant developers defect normal packages
#905 /etc/sysctl.conf references invalid tcp/udp timeout meta keys - has no effect florian defect low base system
#1459 Failed compiling strongswan-2.8.2 _copyright.c: undefined reference to `ipsec_version_code' florian defect low packages
#1479 Kamikaze - change or bug in network scripts. broken between r6595 and r6538 nbd defect lowest base system
#1804 module load order for ppp_mppe developers defect lowest kernel
#1805 End quote (") missing in developers defect lowest other
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