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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#5607 can't login to bug system defect highest wontfix
#7703 Fix "Supported Devices" Link on start-page nico defect highest Trunk fixed
#10399 Warning: paid links on the forum defect highest Trunk fixed
#12108 VPN Firewall Script opens port on all interfaces defect highest Trunk invalid
#14997 does not work defect highest Trunk worksforme
#16901 Website broken defect high Trunk fixed
#5184 openwrt-x86-vmlinuz in without rootfs defect normal Kamikaze 8.09 worksforme
#5438 svn & git source retrieval is SLOW task normal invalid
#5440 website certificate expired defect normal fixed
#5621 AR7: Not Found when view Firewall Zones defect normal Kamikaze 8.09 worksforme
#6341 Trac error defect normal fixed
#7204 /chrome/common/js/jquery.js missing from the Trac installation agb defect normal Trunk worksforme
#7257 jquery.js 404 not found agb defect normal Trunk duplicate
#7609 brcm63xx images broken; please take down nico defect normal Backfire 10.03 fixed
#8060 [OpenWrt Wiki] doc/uci/uhttpd: fix formatting defect normal Trunk too_vague
#8983 Snapshot build not up to date defect normal Trunk fixed
#9269 Webserver configuration is insufficient to allow for SSL certificate validation kaloz defect normal Trunk fixed
#9712 openwrt's ssl certificate is out of date defect normal Trunk duplicate
#10392 trac does not know about RC6 defect normal Trunk fixed
#10805 anonymous defect normal Trunk duplicate
#11757 403 at defect normal Trunk worksforme
#11848 snapshots/trunk/ar71xx/config=>403 Forbidden defect normal Trunk fixed
#12217 luci and openvpn in webif defect normal Trunk invalid
#13120 Website IPv6 support enhancement normal Trunk not_a_bug
#4950 is it possible to get SVN via http protocol ? enhancement low wontfix

Status: new (7 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#11164 The "people" page should include an email address per contributor defect normal Trunk
#12531 Website doesn't show correct news item defect normal Trunk
#15044 Documentation link wrong on front page defect normal Trunk
#15476 Error saving preferences in trac defect normal Trunk
#16611 Forum has broken SMTP configuration - breaking new registrations and password reminders. defect normal Trunk
#16753 Plus sign in email addresses defect normal Trunk
#12512 missing openwrt-adm5120-rb1xx-rootfs.tar.gz defect lowest Attitude Adjustment 12.09 Beta

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#10738 Trac: Submission rejected as potential spam defect high Trunk
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