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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#5997 Hifn 7956 Mini-PCI card failed on IXP425 - message "hifn0: Failed to reset PUC unit kaloz defect high Trunk
#9585 No hotplug is triggered for IPv6 only links jow defect high Trunk
#5067 /etc/init.d/dnsmasq [dhcp_host_add()] nunojpg enhancement normal Kamikaze 8.09
#7376 dropbear init script always reads enabled jow defect normal Trunk
#7507 muninlite does not report pppoe-wan and br-lan statistics cshore defect normal Trunk
#8137 sysupgrade should ignore signals jow defect normal Trunk
#8451 uhttpd does not support large files jow defect normal Trunk
#8484 libiconv-full: no need to strip charsets jow defect normal Trunk
#8883 binutils-2.20 fix for glibc-2.6.1 nico defect normal Trunk
#8988 new package: minissdpd (Simple Service Discovery Protocol daemon) cshore enhancement normal Trunk
#9704 Openwrt crash after installing kmod-net-ipw2200 driver and Intel 2200BG or 2915ABG card hauke defect normal Trunk
#9798 openl2tp - wrong path jow defect normal Trunk
#9996 lost openser module( in openwrt nico defect normal Trunk
#10047 ulogd-mod-mysql segmentation fault jow defect normal Trunk
#10052 split freeradius into radiusd, libs and dict: for tools only use nico enhancement normal Trunk
#10324 Whitelist option for igmpproxy jogo enhancement normal Trunk
#10411 Please add package sstp-client nico enhancement normal Trunk
#10478 multicast/igmp/iptv support jow enhancement normal Trunk
#10974 asterisk18 broken in trunk on AR71xx/WNDR3800 zandbelt defect normal Trunk
#11195 iwinfo mistakes broadcom STA mode for Monitor mode jow defect normal Trunk
#11242 [firewall] possible ICMPv6 denial of service in default firewall rule jow defect normal Trunk
#11266 CONFIG_ALL is stronger than BUILD_PATENTED? mirko defect normal Trunk
#11538 Setting auto 0 still bring interface up on boot nbd defect normal Trunk
#12739 irssi fails to build (undefined reference to iconv functions) jow defect normal Trunk
#12742 atk/gtk2/pango fail to build after glib2 update florian defect normal Trunk
#12935 nfs mount failed florian defect normal Trunk
#14059 MIPS16 acoul defect normal Trunk
#14468 crash: instruction bus error on WRT54GS hauke defect normal Attitude Adjustment 12.09
#5904 3G PIN code set at chat script nunojpg enhancement low Trunk
#7908 uShare is enabled if disabled and the other way around jow defect low Trunk
#7768 block-extroot on WRT54GL (v1.1) SD card (mmc) overlay double mount problem cshore defect response-needed Backfire 10.03.1 RC3
#9029 block-extroot doesn't mount SD card during preinit after firstboot. cshore defect response-needed Trunk
#11856 (x86) platform - Quagga compilation erron (ripngd) acinonyx defect response-needed Trunk
#11857 (x86) platform - Quagga compilation erron (ospf6d) acinonyx defect response-needed Trunk
#17584 fw3 dies with segfault or sigabrt when enabling port forwards in conjuction with pppoe and IPv6 jow defect response-needed Barrier Breaker 14.07

Status: assigned (26 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#13636 Cannot mount rootfs florian defect highest Trunk
#11759 JWAP003 does not find correct driver in boot juhosg defect high Trunk
#7066 [x86] luci-app-samba is not enabled by default jow defect normal Trunk
#7094 System does not wait until USB subsystem settles before continuing with boot process thepeople defect normal Trunk
#7854 cannot use libnl-tiny library calls in C++ nbd defect normal Trunk
#8022 IP17xx switch driver resets IP175A juhosg defect normal Trunk
#9240 DISPLAY_SUPPORT not necessary for dejavu true type font loswillios enhancement normal Trunk
#9616 Parsing ieee80211d=0 option will not remove ieee80211d=1 from /var/run/hostapd-phy0.conf nbd defect normal Trunk
#10095 more usefull patches for ppp jow enhancement normal Trunk
#10439 ar71xx: pll_reg 0xb8050018: 0x13000a44 message in kernel log juhosg defect normal Trunk
#10524 missing uuencode applet from busybox nico defect normal Trunk
#11169 Real time traffic graphs missing for pppoatm interfaces jow defect normal Trunk
#11235 ARV752DPW uboot ethernet not working blogic defect normal Trunk
#11277 prebuilt arv752dpw image doesnt contain profile packages. blogic defect normal Trunk
#11278 ARV752DPW wlan broken / mac addresses wrong blogic enhancement normal Trunk
#11315 Section reference mismatch warnings during ixp4xx build kaloz defect normal Trunk
#11352 - parse encryption modes and ciphers nbd defect normal Trunk
#12459 [packages] xorg/libs/fltk2 build is broken florian defect normal Trunk
#12518 Lantiq ase based platform soft lockup blogic defect normal Trunk
#12778 Extroot : error in script 55_determine_extroot_sysupgrade cshore defect normal Trunk
#13469 freecwmp compilation error luka defect normal Trunk
#14640 Pulseaudio does not compile on arm tripolar defect normal Trunk
#15057 Fix / Support for Both Versions of the BT ECI VG3503J. blogic defect normal Trunk
#7495 libdirectfb Makefile doesn't enable debug mirko defect low Trunk
#8967 dropbear inetd mode regression from openwrt package 0.52 -> 0.53 kaloz defect low Trunk
#11037 Please compile busybox with support for watch nico enhancement low 10.03.1

Status: closed (39 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Version Resolution
#534 Kamikaze 2.6 - can't compile devicescape stack (kmod-ieee80211-dscape) developers defect highest wontfix
#820 about Kamikaze r4940 in my netgear WGT634u, if wan ifname is eth0.1, pppoe unrecognize nic-eth0.1 nbd defect highest fixed
#899 package ctorrent compile failed florian defect highest worksforme
#1173 configuration of wep encryption with atheros chipset fails developers defect highest fixed
#1268 Busybox 1.4.0 compilation error nico defect highest fixed
#1347 comgt-0.32 patch developers enhancement highest fixed
#1411 AR7 DSP7 Sangam ATM with AnnexM / ADSL2+ support source code here nico enhancement highest fixed
#2093 R8024 build jffs2 image file wrong developers defect highest fixed
#2133 patch to utils/mc in package repository developers defect highest fixed
#2267 missing part in the Makefile of mac80211 package prevents build nico defect highest fixed
#2459 libreadline dependencies broken in 7.09 developers defect highest fixed
#2612 changeset 9454 compile error in madwifi developers defect highest duplicate
#2664 zd1211-rw against zd1211 community based driver (current r85) developers defect highest wontfix
#2839 Madwifi does not compile developers defect highest fixed
#2997 Whitespace in r10141 150-tasklet_mode.patch file is breaking build process developers defect highest fixed
#3107 WL500GP doesn't boot with latest svn version!!! developers defect highest fixed
#3336 Current trunk (r10845) iptables fails to build developers defect highest worksforme
#3519 sableVM with openwrt on ASUS router WL-500G Premium developers defect highest Trunk duplicate
#4087 Wrong channels with countrycode=300 for madwifi developers defect highest worksforme
#4088 Cannot associate atheros interface when signal is lower that -50db developers defect highest fixed
#4855 Try to checkout svn - path not found developers defect highest fixed
#4866 gpio developers defect highest invalid
#4963 save ram and storage space by removing nfsv4 which doent work at all by now .... developers enhancement highest wontfix
#5503 madwifi ath_pci: dangerous relocation on AR71xx latest trunk developers defect highest Trunk fixed
#5600 not found developers defect highest Kamikaze 8.09 fixed
#5634 [mini_snmpd] Wrong binary placement developers defect highest fixed
#5843 kmod-ax25 NOT in trunk???????? nico defect highest fixed
#5929 openswan package is empty developers defect highest Trunk duplicate
#5930 nano 2.1.11 is not working correctly on brcm47xx 2.6 developers defect highest fixed
#5940 xtables-addons compilation error developers defect highest Trunk fixed
#5981 socket reads (?) failures developers defect highest Trunk invalid
#6012 dnsmasq update to 2.51 developers enhancement highest duplicate
#6020 Can't connect to mpd developers defect highest Trunk worksforme
#6136 openssl 0.9.8l update developers defect highest fixed
#6344 freeradius2 fail in trunk for brcm47xx nico defect highest Trunk fixed
#6394 opkg segmentation fault while installing developers defect highest Trunk worksforme
#6405 madwifi - 802.11h channel switch announcement is broken nbd defect highest Trunk wontfix
#6420 ERROR: please fix package/kernel/Makefile developers defect highest fixed
#6422 Please, fix also bluetooth after r18955. developers defect highest fixed
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