Milestone Kamikaze 8.09.2

Completed 8 years ago (2010-01-10T20:55:32+01:00)


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Kamikaze 8.09 interim release 2

Raw ChangeLogs: base, packages


  • madwifi:
    • disable compression by default, as it can cause instabilities on various platforms (r16422)
    • add antenna gpio support for nanostation loco2 (r18057)
  • broadcom-diag: add support for WAP54Gv2 LEDs and GPIOs (#5335, r16435)
  • aircrack-ng: update to rev. 1396 and fix build on non-linux systems (#5263, r16621)
  • atheros:
    • backport swconfig and IP-175C support for DIR-300 (and similar devices) (r17382, r17383, r17384, r17385, r17386)
    • implement combined image format and add sysupgrade support (r17669, r18443)
    • fix ethernet issues on fonera+ (#3507, r18035)
    • leave the gpio interrupts alone when user space changes the gpio input settings (#4493, r18037)
  • brcm-2.4:
    • merge support for Asus WL-330gE (#5626, r15745, r17139)
    • allow hdparm to work with USB storage (r16979)
    • pptp nat conntrack removed, cause of dnat off-by-one port forwarding bug (r17555)
    • add uci support for 802.11h and 802.11e wifi modes (r17677)
  • madwifi, wprobe: merge trunk changes (r17279, r17317, r18054)
  • x-wrt: update to 8.09.2 (r17282)
  • base-files:
    • disable ECN by default (r17364)
    • introduce /etc/rc.local (r17654)
  • mtd: add support for handling fis table layout on redboot based systems (r17662)
  • LuCI: update to 0.8.8 (r17719)
  • x86: add support for creating VMware VMDK images (r17780)
  • usb-storage: allow auto-mounting more that a single drive, use /etc/fstab when appropriate (#5712, r17786)
  • kernel: enable multicast routing by default on 2.4 (r18313)
  • dnsmasq: add support for additional hosts files (r18471)

Bug fixes:

  • nvram: prevent corruption on the WGT634U (r16350, r16379)
  • sysupgrade: improve reliability (r16489, r16868, r18456)
  • base-files:
    • fix off-by-one error in the ip calculation routines (r16620)
    • fix ipv6 interface setup on boot (#5356, r17119, r17218)
    • fix udhcpc on interfaces not managed by UCI (r17365)
    • auto-create /dev/lp0 if required (#863, r17793)
  • madwifi:
    • fix distance setting (r16722)
    • fix diversity setting (r16847)
    • fix a memory leak in ap and ad-hoc mode (r17547)
    • fix wds regression caused by ibss node fix (r17577)
    • fix wds related race condition (r17579)
    • disable uapsd to fix powersave on some mobile devices (r17603)
    • fix a crash bug related to refcounting of bss nodes (r18291)
  • asterisk: add 2 fixes backported from asterisk svn related to pickup & transfer (r16725)
  • kmod-arptables: fix wrong module names in autoload on 2.4 (#5452, r16726)
  • ImageBuilder & SDK:
    • try to make them work as advertised (r16744, r16745)
    • keep the share directory in sdk (r17199)
    • accept empty profile names in ImageBuilder (r18118)
    • fix ImageBuilder with brcm47xx (r18286)
  • atheros:
    • fix flash access errors on devices that use a non-standard gpio line to control the spi flash chip select (r16766)
    • fix failsafe mode on fonera+ and fonera 2.0 (r17472)
  • buildroot: add workaround for Debian .tar.gz (bug #525818, r16854)
  • firewall:
    • prevent frequent connection drops due to blocked dhcp renew messages (#4108, #4781, r17239)
    • fix MSS issue affecting RELATED new connections (#5173, r17762)
  • polipo & tinyproxy: create missing directory needed for config file generation (r17353)
  • mtd: fix jffs2 eof marker search in mtd (r17523)
  • opkg: fix "-force_space" option handling (r17616)
  • miniupnpd: preserve firewall rules across ifdown/ifup events (#4669, r17681)
  • gdb: fix gdbserver build (#5884, r17698)
  • ppp: quote positional parameters when calling ip up/down scripts (#5622, r17763)
  • miniupnpd: fix memory leaks (#5875, r17791)
  • ddns-scripts: fix escaping of option values in URL (#5327, r17798)
  • scripts/ fix a bug where dependency flags (@ and +) from a dependency were inherited by others (r17840)
  • nagios-plugins: fix segfault in check_ping command (#5015, r17851)
  • busybox: fix ping6 applet crash (#4604, r18529)
  • kernel: load usb-video after video-core (#6214, r18801)

Security fixes:

Various fixes:

  • prosody: add missing dependency on libopenssl (r16743)
  • tiff:
    • don't include dev shared lib symlinks in libtiff package (r16750)
    • add a tiff-utils subpackage (r16855)
  • tools: prefer gstat over stat if available (r17281)
  • 6tunnel: add missing dependency on kmod-sit (#5852, r17741)
  • ntpclient: change check interval from 60 to 600 seconds (#5578, r17750)
  • mdk3: add backported mdk3 package from trunk (r17767)
  • scripts/ get svn rev from last commit so that we have consistent revision numbers between git and svn (r17781, r17864)
  • include/site/x86_64-linux: adjust pointer size from 4 to 8 bytes (r17845)
  • iproute2: remove bison prereq (r18348)
  • change ext2/ext3 load order so that lazy mount tries ext3 before ext2 (r18442)
  • ahcpd: merge trunk changes (r18461)
  • babel: merge trunk changes (r18463)
  • tcpdump-mini: add backported tcpdump-mini from trunk (r18467, r18469)
  • miniupnpd: backport update to v1.4 from trunk (r18643, r18668)
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