Milestone Backfire 10.03

Completed 8 years ago (2010-04-07T09:00:00+02:00)


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OpenWrt 10.03 (codename Backfire)

Highlights and changes since last stable release

  • Linux 2.6.32 long term support kernel, uClibc 0.9.30
  • Support for mac80211 based drivers, such as ath5k, ath9k and b43
  • Support for alternative libc implementations
  • New web server "uhttpd" (busybox httpd now disabled, as default)
  • Extended support for with GTK+, QT etc.
  • New switch configuration format for Broadcom devices (see:
  • New wpa-supplicant and hostapd multicall binary "wpad"
  • Initial mac80211 wireless support for Broadcom radios
  • Modular preinit system
  • Optional support for rootfs on external media
  • Support for the TRX v2 format required by newer devices such as the Linksys WRT54G3GV2-VF
  • New /etc/openwrt_release machine-readable file with detailed release version information

New platforms

  • Atheros AP81: Ubiquiti Router Station Pro, TP-Link TL-WR1043ND, Netgear WNDR3700, etc. (ar71xx)
  • Broadcom ADSL modem/router chipsets (brcm63xx)
  • Cavium Networks Octeon based boards (octeon)
  • Cobalt Networks MIPS-based servers (cobalt)
  • Infineon Danube/TwinPass with open DSL & VoIP drivers (ifxmips)
  • Ingenic XBurst: QI Ben NanoNote (xburst/qi-lb60)
  • Intel Tolapai SoC (x86/ep80579)
  • Marvell Kirkwood: SheevaPlug, GuruPlug, OpenRD... (kirkwood)
  • Marvell Orion SoC (orion)

Know issues

  • Currently 5 GHz channels do not work with mac80211 based drivers due to DFS regulatory issues.
  • Support for ar8316 switch is incomplete in this release (#7124)

Detailed report at

Changes since 10.03-rc3

  • kernel modules are now built correctly on ixp4xx
  • support for ar8316 switch
  • network config for RouterStation Pro and RouterBoard RB-450G



  • feeds/luci: switch to 0.9.0 tag (r20719)
  • feeds/x-wrt: switch to backfire_10.03 branch (r20662)
  • kernel:
    • ide: move support for generic chipsets out of ide-core in their own packages (#6939, r20688)
    • nefilter: add missing extensions and fix module descriptions (#7045, r20695)
  • package/base-files: regenerate wifi config if config exists but is empty (r20671)
  • package/block-mount: package/block-mount: disable config options altering busybox configuration, fix dependencies (r20728)
  • package/busybox: enable blkid, mkswap & swaponoff applets, enable uuid/volumeid support (r20728)
  • package/cyassl: remove dependency on zlib (r20704)
  • package/dnsmasq: allow multiple hostnames per domain section (#7048, r20670)
  • package/hostapd: fix madwifi turbo modes (#7060, r20676)
  • package/opkg: fix the order packages are configured (#7057, #7058, r20687)
  • package/switch: explicitly clear port mappings in unused vlans (#7082, r20718)
  • package/uhttpd: various fixes (#7050, r20672)
  • target/ar71xx:
    • fix broken LAN ports on boards with AR8216 switch (#7024, r20677)
    • add ar8216 support and network config for RouterStation Pro and RouterBoard RB-450G (r20723)
  • target/generic-2.4: add kernel support for netfilter comment match extension (r20721)
  • target/generic-2.6: add kernel support for ar8316 switch (r20723)
  • target/ixp4xx: avoid dma bounce buffers for network buffers, fixes ath9k and improves other drivers' performance on boards with >64M ram (r20709)
  • target/rdc: revert [20653] (r20715)
  • target/x86: fix typo in sysupgrade (#7068, r20706)
  • target/xburst:
    • don't disable netfilter support (#7012, r20705)
    • change sound support to 16bit formats only for now (r20707)

Detailed ChangeLog at



  • appweb: disable on avr32, cpu not supported (r20716)
  • aprx: prevent spurious rebuilds (r20732)
  • asterisk-1.6.x: fix build failure on PPC (#7069, r20702)
  • collectd: fix typo in ascent configure hook, mark iptables & netlink plugins as broken on 2.4 (#6961, r20710)
  • file: prevent spurious rebuilds (r20731)
  • ftpd-topfield:
  • git: prevent spurious rebuilds (r20730)
  • libmad: fix build failure on targets using -O2 optimizations (#6974, r20699)
  • qt4: check for any enabled decoration, not just for the default one (r20697)
  • openswan: fix build on 2.6.30 targets where CONFIG_COMPAT_NET_DEV_OPS is not set (#7005, r20712)
  • sipp: prevent spurious rebuilds (r20729)
  • streamripper: explicitly disable use of internal libmad (#6974, r20700)
  • wide-dhcpv6: Add debug option to dhcp6c (r20691)
  • wnck: fix dependency on libX11 (r20696)

Detailed ChangeLog at

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