Milestone Backfire 10.03-rc1

Completed 8 years ago (2010-03-23T23:17:00+01:00)

OpenWrt 10.03 (codename Backfire) Release Candidate 1

Know issues

  • uClibc segfault in getaddrinfo() when receiving long IPv6 DNS responses (#6886)
  • JFFS2 marker not detected, rootfs_data not mounted on WRT54G v1.1 (#5071)
  • spurious log messages every second on brcm-2.4 & brcm47xx (#6804)

Detailed report at

Changes since 10.03-beta



  • target: octeon


  • build system: add arch suffix to target/toolchain directories (r20215, r20254)
  • kernel:
    • disable NFSv4 (r20123)
    • add optimized mem{cmp,cpy,set} functions on mips (r20151)
    • fix PCMCIA yenta on brcm-2.4 & brcm47xx (r20147, r20239, r2040)
  • package/base-files:
  • package/dropbear: add an option to prevent password auth for the root account (r20219)
  • package/dnsmasq: make sure /etc/ethers exists if readethers is enabled (#6740, r20220)
  • package/fuse: update to 2.8.3 (r20190)
  • package/linux-atm: update to 2.5.1 (r20215)
  • package/mac80211:
    • add small performance improvments (r20145)
    • mistrel_ht fixes (r20153)
    • fix ath9x wpa rekeing crash (r20155)
  • package/madwifi: disable softled on PCI devices (#4484, r20195)
  • package/wireless-tools: fix encryption display (#6732, r20194)
  • target/ar71xx: various fixes (r20150, r20227, r20228, r2029, r20230, r20231, r20242, r20247)
  • target/atheros:
    • add early-printk support (r20201)
    • fix FIS directory parsing on Top Boot flash chips (r20213)
  • target/brcm63xx: fix livebox support (#6821, r20204)
  • target/ifxmips: misc fix (r20246)
  • target/orion: switch to 2.6.32 (r20185)
  • tools/sstrip: fix headers corruption (#6847, r20154)

Detailed ChangeLog at




  • 6tunnel: add support for delegated block (#4724, r20206)
  • acpupsd: fix changeme script (#6828, r20193)
  • ahcp: various fixes (r20165, r20166)
  • apache: update to 2.2.15 (#6859, r20211)
  • argtable: update to 2.12 (r20012)
  • arpwatch: prevent linkaing against static libpcap (r20080)
  • babeld: various fixes (r20163, r20164)
  • batman-adv: use latest trunk/maint version (r19958)
  • ctorrent:
    • link agains uClibc++ (r19968)
    • fix dependency on openssl (r19938)
  • cyassl: update to 1.4.0 (r19953)
  • dhcp-fwd: fix typo in initscript (r20191)
  • gzip: update 1.4 (r20012)
  • hippo-canvas: Add dependency to libX11 drawing backend feature (r20235)
  • libffi: update to 3.0.9 (r20111)
  • libidn: update to 1.18 (r19992)
  • libsdl_sound: disable all external libs use explicitely, don't ship dev shlib symlink (r20102)
  • libucl: don't ship dev shlib symlink (r20105)
  • ntp: disable snmp explicitely (r20100)
  • openssh: update to 5.4p1 (r20081)
  • openvpn: update to 2.1.1 rr20160)
  • proftpd: update to 1.3.3 (r19991)
  • python: enable zlib (#6856, r20170, r20251)
  • quagga-unstable:
  • samba: fix logging when debugging is enabled (r20041, r20042)
  • srelay:
  • sudo: update to 1.7.2p5 (r19988)
  • tmux: update to 1.2 (r20252)
  • twisted: fixes for installing zope (r20169)
  • transmission: update to 1.92 (r20234)
  • ucarp: update to 1.5.2, add missing dependencies (r20017)
  • umurmur: update to 0.2.2 (#6829, r20192)
  • upx: fix build on x86 (r20107)
  • wide-dhcpv6: add hotplug and uci support (#6820, r20212)
  • xorg-kdrive: fix dependencies, add support for 600x800 screen res (r20168)
  • xorg-server: fix recompilation after config change (r20162)
  • zile: update to 2.3.15 (r20013)

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Revisions used


  • adm5120 still at
  • rb532 still at

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