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3CFE version 1.0.37 for BCM947XX (32bit,SP,LE)
4Build Date: Fri Mar 26 14:00:09 CST 2004 (xavier@localhost.localdomain)
5Copyright (C) 2000,2001,2002,2003 Broadcom Corporation.
7Initializing Arena.
8Initializing Devices.
9et0: Broadcom BCM47xx 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Controller
10CPU type 0x29007: 200MHz
11Total memory: 0x2000000 bytes (32MB)
13Total memory used by CFE:  0x8032C690 - 0x80431FB0 (1071392)
14Initialized Data:          0x8032C690 - 0x8032EC00 (9584)
15BSS Area:                  0x8032EC00 - 0x8032FFB0 (5040)
16Local Heap:                0x8032FFB0 - 0x8042FFB0 (1048576)
17Stack Area:                0x8042FFB0 - 0x80431FB0 (8192)
18Text (code) segment:       0x80300000 - 0x80309940 (39232)
19Boot area (physical):      0x00432000 - 0x00472000
20Relocation Factor:         I:00000000 - D:00000000
22Checking MAC address...
23MAC address is correct.
25GPLUS correct.
26Device eth0:  hwaddr 00-0C-10-21-32-02, ipaddr, mask
27        gateway not set, nameserver not set
29    *CFE for Motorola WR850G v3.01 [AFTERBURNER], Release date: Mar. 26, 2004
31Loader:raw Filesys:raw Dev:flash0.os File: Options:(null)
32Loading: .... 3704 bytes read
33Entry at 0x80001000
34Closing network.
35Starting program at 0x80001000
36CPU revision is: 00029007
37Primary instruction cache 8kB, physically tagged, 2-way, linesize 16 bytes.
38Primary data cache 4kB, 2-way, linesize 16 bytes.
39Linux version 2.4.30 (nbd@ux-2y02) (gcc version 3.4.4 (OpenWrt-1.0)) #1 Sun Mar 26 19:02:04 CEST 2006
40Setting the PFC value as 0x15
41Determined physical RAM map:
42 memory: 01000000 @ 00000000 (usable)
43On node 0 totalpages: 4096
44zone(0): 4096 pages.
45zone(1): 0 pages.
46zone(2): 0 pages.
47Kernel command line: root=/dev/mtdblock2 rootfstype=squashfs,jffs2 init=/etc/preinit noinitrd console0
48CPU: BCM4712 rev 1 at 200 MHz
49Using 100.000 MHz high precision timer.
50Calibrating delay loop... 199.47 BogoMIPS
51Memory: 14268k/16384k available (1412k kernel code, 2116k reserved, 100k data, 80k init, 0k highmem)
52Dentry cache hash table entries: 2048 (order: 2, 16384 bytes)
53Inode cache hash table entries: 1024 (order: 1, 8192 bytes)
54Mount cache hash table entries: 512 (order: 0, 4096 bytes)
55Buffer cache hash table entries: 1024 (order: 0, 4096 bytes)
56Page-cache hash table entries: 4096 (order: 2, 16384 bytes)
57Checking for 'wait' instruction...  unavailable.
58POSIX conformance testing by UNIFIX
59PCI: Fixing up bus 0
60PCI: Fixing up bridge
61PCI: Fixing up bus 1
62Linux NET4.0 for Linux 2.4
63Based upon Swansea University Computer Society NET3.039
64Initializing RT netlink socket
65Starting kswapd
66devfs: v1.12c (20020818) Richard Gooch (rgooch@atnf.csiro.au)
67devfs: boot_options: 0x1
68JFFS2 version 2.1. (C) 2001 Red Hat, Inc., designed by Axis Communications AB.
69Squashfs 2.1-r2 (released 2004/12/15) (C) 2002-2004 Phillip Lougher
70pty: 256 Unix98 ptys configured
71Serial driver version 5.05c (2001-07-08) with MANY_PORTS SHARE_IRQ SERIAL_PCI enabled
72ttyS00 at 0xb8000300 (irq = 3) is a 16550A
73ttyS01 at 0xb8000400 (irq = 0) is a 16550A
74b44.c:v0.93 (Mar, 2004)
75eth0: Broadcom 47xx 10/100BaseT Ethernet 00:0c:10:21:32:02
76cfi_cmdset_0001: Erase suspend on write enabled
77Using buffer write method
78Flash device: 0x400000 at 0x1c000000
79Creating 5 MTD partitions on "Physically mapped flash":
800x00000000-0x00040000 : "pmon"
810x00040000-0x003e0000 : "linux"
820x000bc400-0x001b6000 : "rootfs"
83mtd: partition "rootfs" doesn't start on an erase block boundary -- force read-only
840x003e0000-0x00400000 : "nvram"
850x001c0000-0x003e0000 : "OpenWrt"
86Initializing Cryptographic API
87NET4: Linux TCP/IP 1.0 for NET4.0
88IP Protocols: ICMP, UDP, TCP, IGMP
89IP: routing cache hash table of 512 buckets, 4Kbytes
90TCP: Hash tables configured (established 1024 bind 2048)
91ip_conntrack version 2.1 (5953 buckets, 5953 max) - 328 bytes per conntrack
92ip_tables: (C) 2000-2002 Netfilter core team
93NET4: Unix domain sockets 1.0/SMP for Linux NET4.0.
94NET4: Ethernet Bridge 008 for NET4.0
95802.1Q VLAN Support v1.8 Ben Greear <greearb@candelatech.com>
96All bugs added by David S. Miller <davem@redhat.com>
97VFS: Mounted root (squashfs filesystem) readonly.
98Mounted devfs on /dev
99Freeing unused kernel memory: 80k freed
100Algorithmics/MIPS FPU Emulator v1.5
101Using /lib/modules/2.4.30/diag.o
102diag boardtype: 00000101
103[: 0x1f: bad number
104Using /lib/modules/2.4.30/switch-core.o
105Using /lib/modules/2.4.30/switch-robo.o
106Probing device eth0: No Robo switch in managed mode found
107Probing device eth1: No such device
108Probing device eth2: No such device
109Probing device eth3: No such device
110insmod: init_module: switch-robo: No such device
111Using /lib/modules/2.4.30/switch-adm.o
112b44: eth0: Link is up at 100 Mbps, full duplex.
113b44: eth0: Flow control is off for TX and off for RX.
114Unlocking linux ...
115init started:  BusyBox v1.00 (2006.03.27-00:00+0000) multi-call binary
117Please press Enter to activate this console. jffs2.bbc: SIZE compression mode activated.
118eth1: Broadcom BCM4320 802.11 Wireless Controller
119Probing device eth0: No Robo switch in managed mode found
120Probing device eth1: [switch-robo.c:90] SIOCGETCPHYRD failed!
121[switch-robo.c:90] SIOCGETCPHYRD failed!
122No Robo switch in managed mode found
123Probing device eth2: No such device
124Probing device eth3: No such device
125device eth0 entered promiscuous mode
126vlan0: dev_set_promiscuity(master, 1)
127vlan0: dev_set_allmulti(master, 1)
128device eth1 entered promiscuous mode
129br0: port 2(eth1) entering listening state
130br0: port 1(vlan0) entering listening state
131br0: port 2(eth1) entering learning state
132br0: port 1(vlan0) entering learning state
133br0: port 2(eth1) entering forwarding state
134br0: topology change detected, propagating
135br0: port 1(vlan0) entering forwarding state
136br0: topology change detected, propagating
137vlan1: Setting MAC address to  00 0c 10 21 32 03.
141BusyBox v1.00 (2006.03.27-00:00+0000) Built-in shell (ash)
142Enter 'help' for a list of built-in commands.
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149 WHITE RUSSIAN (RC5) -------------------------------
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