Ticket #5970: webupgrade.makefile_tools.r18666.patch

File webupgrade.makefile_tools.r18666.patch, 722 bytes (added by Maddes <maddes_trac@…>, 8 years ago)

Update patch for current trunk, apply to a clean trunk

  • tools/Makefile

    2 # Copyright (C) 2007 OpenWrt.org 
     2# Copyright (C) 2007-2009 OpenWrt.org 
    44# This is free software, licensed under the GNU General Public License v2. 
    55# See /LICENSE for more information. 
    1616tools-y += m4 autoconf automake bison pkg-config sed mklibs 
    1717tools-y += sstrip ipkg-utils genext2fs mtd-utils mkimage 
    1818tools-y += firmware-utils patch-cmdline quilt yaffs2 
     19tools-y += wrt350nv2-builder 
    1920ifneq ($(CONFIG_LINUX_2_4)$(CONFIG_LINUX_2_6_21)$(CONFIG_LINUX_2_6_25)$(CONFIG_LINUX_2_6_28),) 
    2021tools-y += squashfs lzma-old